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10 oktober 2010

Arven efter Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Tyrkiske agenter afslørede i sidste uge, at der om bord på yachten Savarona, som lå til ved Antalya i Tyrkiet, foregik et større sexorgie med ni russiske og ukrainske prostituerede samt en række rige og kendte forretningsmænd, skriver Pleasure.dk.

Yachten var ejet af Atatürk tilbage i 1930’erne, men han døde kort efter købet. I dag lever Savarona videre som en meget luksuriøs og stor yacht med den tyrkiske stat som ejer.

Tip: J.D.

Ifølge Wiki er historien noget mere skummel:

On September 28, 2010 at noon, teams of the gendarmerie raided the yacht with assistance of the coast guard, and also a number of other places across the country simultaneously, arresting eight persons for organized human trafficking and detaining 15 women and six foreigner male guests aboard for prostitution. The gang, under observation by the gendarmerie for seven months, was bringing women, among them also under-aged girls, through modeling agencies based in Russia and Ukrainia into Turkey as sex slaves. The yacht was rented by a Kazakh businessman three days before in Bodrum for one week and was en route Antalya, said the operator of the yacht Kahraman Sadıkoğlu. The rent was US $ 50000 per day.[1]

Regarding the scandal, Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek declared the next day that clause 3 of the charter contract stipulates that “the contract shall be annulled in case the yacht is being used out of its intended purpose, inappropriate with the nation’s historical heritage or contrary to the traditional habits and customs.” He added that he ordered the initiation of the annulment process. Şimşek told further that following the taking back of the yacht, she can be transferred to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for her use as a museum ship.[2]

Yusuf Hakkı Doğan, a public prosecutor in Antalya, who conducted the operation, revealed that the yacht has been used twice for prostitution purposes, the first time in Bodrum as it was determined.[2][3]