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18 oktober 2013

Gamle Venstreorienterede Medier (GVM)

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1 oktober 2013

Statsstøttet indoktrinering

Jeg faldt over denne Youtube video:

Det fremgår ret tydeligt, at det er ren propaganda, og efter at have taget kig på The Sory of Stuffs hjemmeside, studsede jeg over, at de er ‘worldwide’, så en hurtig googling på The Stuff og Danmark førte frem til hjemmesiden Design To Improve Life.dk.

Stor var min forbavselse, da jeg så hvem der sponsorerer dette økofascistiske, antikapitalistiske stykke agitprop:

INDEX: Design to Improve Life® is under the patronage of HRH the Crown Prince of Denmark.
Design to Improve Life Cities: Copenhagen, Risør, Elsinore and Guangzhou.
INDEX: Design to Improve Life® is supported by The Confederation of Danish Industry, The Ministry of Children and Education, The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education, The Lauritzen Foundation, Hofor, Henning Larsen Architects, The Danish Ministry of Business and Growth, The Danish Business Authority and The European Regional Development Fund – Interreg IV A (EU).
Thanks to Hans Just A/S and Saelan Production Design

Kronprins Frederik, Staten, Dansk Industri og EU.

23 februar 2010

Professionelle ballademagere

In recent years, however, on the initiative of Lord Kinnock when he was its chairman, the British Council has been hijacked to promote the need for action on climate change.

In answer to a Freedom of Information request, we can now see some of the curious ways in which the British Council has been spending our money.

More than £3.5 million has gone on recruiting a worldwide network of young “climate activists” in over 70 countries to engage in climate change propaganda – what Marxists used to call agitprop – and to pressure their politicians to join the worldwide struggle. Under a programme called Challenge Europe, £1.1 million has been paid out to fund young “climate advocates” in 17 countries across Europe, including Britain itself. But £2.5 million has been spent on a more ambitious project to recruit a global network of 100,000 activists in 60 countries across the world, led by 1,300 young “International Climate Champions”, to participate in “international peer networks, both in person and online, to share ideas, projects and experiences”.

Of this sum, £303,093.24 went to China; £71,262.91 to Brazil; £53,006.25 to Japan; £70,132.88 to India (including £11,000 to Dr Pachauri’s Teri institute); £77,507.89 to oil-rich Qatar; and £50,000 to the US. There was £120,000 for a dozen different countries in Africa, including £14,000 to fund climate champions in starving Zimbabwe.

Du kan finde de danske klimaadvokater her.

Now IPCC hurricane data is questioned.

African crops yield another catastrophe for the IPCC