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27 april 2010


Tilhængerne af teorien om ‘Den Menneskeskabte Globale Opvarmning’ hævder ofte, at IPCC’s rapporter udelukkende består af ‘peer-reviewed’ litteratur.

Dette er IKKE tilfældet.

Gruppen No-Consensus har gennemgået alle referencerne i IPCC’s 2007 rapport:

In elementary schools in the United States, students are assigned grades ranging from an A to an F, based on the mark they’ve achieved out of 100 (see Wikipedia’s table here). Most parents would be alarmed if their child brought home a report card similar to the one received by the IPCC.

21 out of 44 chapters contain so few peer-reviewed references that the IPCC received an F. The IPCC relied on peer-reviewed literature less than 60 percent of the time in these chapters.

5,587 references in the IPCC report were not peer-reviewed. Among these documents are press releases, newspaper and magazine articles, discussion papers, MA and PhD theses, working papers, and advocacy literature published by environmental groups.

2 marts 2008

Dagens Danmark

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Nørrebrogade, København, december 2007.




Foto: KD