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19 februar 2017

Modstandsmanden Jørgen Kieler er død

Den tyske besættelsesmagt i Danmark idømte i foråret 1944 Jørgen Kieler en dødsdom for hans sabotager for modstandsgruppen Holger Danske.

kiel_den-263x350Han var dog ikke færdig med livet og slap for henrettelse. I stedet endte han i koncentrationslejren Porta Westfalica ved Neuengamme.

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Bent BlüdnikowDanmarks sidste store frihedskæmper Jørgen Kieler, der var gruppeleder i Holger Danske, er død.

15 februar 2017

Toronto: Black Lives Matter leder: Hvide er undermennesker der skal ausradiert werden

The controversial leader of Black Lives Matter Toronto who once said “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today” has made more racist comments against white people.

Yusra Khogali wrote on Facebook that white people are “genetic defects” and should be “wiped out”.

As reported by The Sun, the comments were made in late 2015. She wrote that, “Whiteness is not humxness” and “white skin is sub-humxn.”

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“Tucker porno”

14 februar 2017

Tucker interviewer venstrefascistisk leder af Sturm Abteilung (S.A. 2.0) skolelæreren Yvette Felarca fra Berkeley

Tucker takes on national organizer for BAMN, which was one of the biggest supporters of the protests of Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos’s campus speech

Hun er total fanatiker.

USA: Professor på Bucknell Universitet truer sine konservative studenter

Hej Hodja

sådan ser den truende “professor” ud:


Hvem har lyst til at være en hvid mand til hans forelæsninger og eksamination …

mvh TrumpEs

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10 februar 2017

NewSpeek har de seneste dage bragt en række afsløringer omkring militante venstreradikales brug af det kommunale Folkets Hus i København som mødested.

Det får nu konsekvenser.

Kultur- og Fritidsforvaltningens pressechef har oplyst, at borgmesteren har igangsat en juridisk undersøgelse af fonden De Åbne Rums håndtering af det konkrete forløb i forbindelse med Folkets Hus og ikke har nogen kommentarer, mens undersøgelsen pågår.

De tre personer, som er ansat til at drive huset, aflønnes af fonden, som igen har fået pengene bevilget af kulturborgmester Carl Christian Ebbesen.

De tre ansatte, som fonden med Knud Foldschack har valgt at ansætte, er ifølge hjemmesiden Yahiya Hoji, Klaus Emborg, Rasmus Skavlan.

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4 februar 2017

PeeNN=CNN og de politisk korrekte kender ingen nedre grænse

Nu beskylder de minsandten Breitbart for at arrangere venstrefacisternes vold!

Breitbart er åbenbart lige så “gode” til at manipulere venstrefacister,
som Israel er til at få muslismke terrorister til at angribe USA på 11 september 2001 …

Intet er for latterligt for at benægte venstrefactistisk vold

Læg mærke til den tåbelige “professor”, som åbenbart kender samtlige studenter på Berkley og er i stand til at “se” at de voldelige ikke er studenter på Berkeley,
trods at de voldelige venstrefacister bar tørklæder for ansigtet netop for ikke at blive genkendt …

Og selvfølgelig spørger mikrofonholderen ikke, om han har røngten-øjne,siden han var i stand til se det !


Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse mere

De venstreorienterede har ikke lært noget som helst af Trump sejr
Takket være de voldelige venstrefacister ligger Milo’s nye bog allerede på førstepladsen hos Amazon, selv om bogen ikke er udgivet endnu !

De fatter ikke, at hvis de med vold forhindre et lovligt møde, vil olk bare købe hans bog i stedet for

Og mon ikke Trump og hans kommende justitsminister vil beorde det amerikanske politi til altid og omgående at gribe ind, når venstrefacister prøver på at forhindre folk i at lytte til en person ved et foredrag ?

30 januar 2017

Venstrefløjens selvretfærdighed vil fortsætte med at terrorisere os i det uendelige

Pop star Madonna let everyone know that in the era of Donald Trump she’s choosing love over hate—though the decision was apparently very difficult.

madonna1Speaking at the Women’s March on Washington, the aging “material girl” mentioned that she’d spent a lot of time wallowing in thoughts of blowing up the White House. Thankfully she decided against it though not because she had any moral qualms about terrorism. It’s just that, according to her, blowing up the White House “won’t change anything.” It’s good to know that Madonna opposes killing the First Family and a slew of incoming staffers for purely tactical reasons.

It occurs to me that Madonna was doing nothing more than virtue signaling—that is, demonstrating what a good person she is without doing much of anything. She wants a pat on the back for not succumbing to political terrorism as an outlet for her rage. If that’s not a testament to her loving nature, what is?

This is the same woman who produced a music video on the eve of the Iraq War in which she tossed a hand grenade at a George W. Bush look-alike. After filming, she decided not to release that video for fear that it might be misconstrued as anti-military. But can you see the pattern? Whenever someone Madonna doesn’t like occupies the Oval Office she indulges her darkest assassination fantasies.

Madonna’s speech, just like the march itself, relied heavily on the theme of love conquering hate. She began by shouting “Welcome to the revolution of love!” to the adoring audience. The crowd responded with about as many hoots and hollers as when she admitted her terrorism fantasies several minutes later. She ended her speech by leading the crowd in chanting “We choose love.” This basic dichotomy of love on one side—their side—and hate on the other, has become so hackneyed that I can hardly believe that people still use it; but they do. Like a one-trick pony, the American Left reaches for different variations on this dummy-proof bumper sticker slogan over and over again, usually to the exclusion of reasoned argument.


The reason this love-versus-hate juxtaposition is so often employed is because it’s effective. Why learn another trick when the old one works so well? Politics is a propaganda war and we conservatives have been on the losing side of it for a long time because we don’t see it for what it is. A well-framed, emotionally-charged slogan does more to persuade than a million think tank white papers. That’s just reality. The intellect matters less than the heart—and the gut matters most of all.

Far too often, conservatives’ ineffectual response to the love-versus-hate formulation is to point out that the other side is pretty hateful too. Which it is, of course, though I would caution against drawing any equivalence. While the Left is clearly nastier, they are also shameless which means that no amount of highlighting their vitriol ever makes them blush.

Even in Madonna’s speech, the one she kicked off by welcoming the protestors to the “revolution of love,” she still said “F–k you” to her detractors. And the crowd roared. But that’s different, you see, because Madonna was merely hating on haters. As the hack journalist Jonathan Capehart once said on MSNBC, tolerance “should not be a two-way street.”

And clearly it isn’t. On the same day Madonna spoke, across the country in the other Washington, a Trump opponent shot a man in the stomach outside of a Milo Yiannopoulos event, mistakenly believing him to the Trump supporter and a white supremacist. In reality, the victim was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

… Can’t you just feel the love?

‘Isolated incident!’ the Left shouts. Well no, not really. Episodes like these are beginning to feel like Groundhog Day, only less funny. The scene in Washington State wasn’t quite so different than the one in Washington, DC. On Inauguration Day in the nation’s capital 217 leftist “protestors” were arrested and six police officers were injured, in addition to lots of smashed windows and a few scattered fires. The AP report labeled all counter-Trump voices at the event “protestors,” even those who were clearly engaged in wanton destruction. Other media reports were quick to point out that the so-called protests were “mostly peaceful,” a throwaway line that reporters like to include whenever people on the Left engage in mayhem, lest anyone draw broad generalizations. Left-wing riots aren’t really riots, you see, unless it can be proven that every person in attendance took part. The old “mostly peaceful” canard is never used when the protestors are conservative. When conservative protests are entirely peaceful, the media focus instead on what potential violence might happen in the future or on the protestors’ “tone.”

It seems that there are so many “isolated incidents” of leftist mayhem that we should stop seeing each one in a vacuum. For those with eyes to see there is a clear pattern. Leftists convince us to ignore the pattern by accusing us of judging the “protestors” by a few supposed bad apples. Funny how many bad apples seem show up at anti-Trump rallies all across the country, just as they showed up at Black Lives Matter events, Occupy events, anti-Iraq War events, anti-WTO events, and wherever else two or more leftists scheme.

What happened in DC was not a peaceful protest gone wrong. It was a pre-meditated riot gone right. Responsible journalists should stop talking about it as if it were anything else.

Of course, not everyone in attendance necessarily got the memo that the whole thing was slated to be an orgy of destruction, though they would have to have been naïve not to foresee what eventually happened. An organized coalition promised that they would wreak so much havoc that DC would be shut down. Does that mean that every protestor who attended was part of this coalition? No, though they would have been treated that way if it had been conservatives crashing a hypothetical Hillary inauguration. Even still, anyone who attended the Washington riot and pretends that he thought he was taking part in a nonviolent protest is either lying or stupid.

Yet no matter how many times we point out that there is just as much hate on their side—if not more—they brush it off. In their minds, their hate is not hate because they only hate people who deserve it. Never for a moment do these people lose faith in their own goodness. They don’t doubt that they are the most benevolent, the most open-minded, and the most accepting of all people; in other words, that they are liberals in the truest and finest sense of the word. If they occasionally fantasize about killing the president that’s not really hate because a) they don’t actually follow through with it, and b) the president kind of deserves it.

My hope is that some day the scales will fall from their eyes and they will see what grotesque monsters they have become. It’s a long shot, I know, but it may be our only chance for survival. As long as the Left remains self-righteousness, it will continue to terrorize the rest of us. If only we could strip them of their unshakeable conviction that they are the good guys they might start to see what demented psychos they have become. This is will be no easy task, of course, because most leftists have dehumanized their opponents so thoroughly that they don’t see hating them as a fault. It isn’t even hate. …

Skriver Benny Huang via No-Pasaran: https://no-pasaran.blogspot.dk/2017/01/isolated-incident-violent-episodes-from.html

26 januar 2017

Rapport fra NoPegidas voldsplanlægning i Folkets Hus

Journalist Rasmus Paludan begav sig med sin kameramand og en livvagt til Folkets Hus for at spørge mødedeltagerne i NoPegidas strategimøde, om de var tilhængere af politisk motiveret vold.

De ville ikke svare på spørgsmål, men de viste med deres handling, hvad deres holdning var. Der røg glasflasker gennem luften, da Rasmus Paludan med følge blev jagtet ud af Nørrebro.

25 januar 2017

Melanie Phillips analyserer venstrefacisternes angreb på Trump

Som sædvanlig er hun værd at lytte til

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23 januar 2017

Comedy Central forfatter kalder Trumps 10-årige søn Barron for “kommende voldtægtsmand”

Comedy Central writer Stephen Spinola is under fire for tweeting that President Trump’s 10-year-old son Barron Trump is a “date rapist to be”.

In a since deleted tweet, Spinola joked, “Barron Trump looks like a very handsome date-rapist-to-be.”


22 januar 2017

Sådan bliver kunstnere truet til underkastelse

Murderous, Racist SJWs Threaten Another Celeb into Submission!

Because most celebrities don’t have a backbone, it’s not surprising to see yet another one placate to the whims of the Racially divisive, murderous SJW thugs. This is just ONE example…but it serves as the perfect case study. Check this out and share everywhere!

17 januar 2017

Venstrefascister demonstrerer udenfor Ivanka Trumps hus

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10 januar 2017

Fox journalist konfronterer Brooklyn advokaten Dan Goldstein der chikanerede Ivanka Trump og hendes børn på fly

Jesse Watters Confronts Ivanka Trump Harasser – Watters’ World Jan 6, 2017

Venstrefascistisk sjovnalist chikanerer youtube-bloggeren Millenium Woes

Black Pigeon forklarer:

Her er fascisten Alan McEwan:


9 januar 2017


Ole Hasselbalch beskriver, hvor dobbeltmoralsk og uinformeret Dansk Journalistforbunds formand Lars Werge fremstod, da han forleden deltog i en udsendelse på Radio24syv om det mediestøttede venstreekstreme researchkollektiv Redox’ arbejdsmetoder

Læs det på NewSpeek

3 januar 2017

Best of Paul Joseph Watson

17 december 2016

Endnu et skuespillerorakel

Her til formiddag hørte jeg skuespilleren Lars Mikkelsen udtale sig om udviklingen i Europa:

Han sagde:

“Den er nærmest fascistoid.”

Senere overgik både han og programværten Esben Kjær som forventet til tilsvining af Donald Trump og de “bange hvide mænd,” der har valgt ham.

DDR P1 ‘Bagklog’ 17. december 2016

5 december 2016


Der er – siger Dansk Folkepartis udlændingeordfører Martin Henriksen til NewSpeek – et akut behov for at se nærmere på den voldelige ekstreme venstrefløj.

Henriksens kontante udmelding kommer efter lørdagens voldelige optøjer på Nørrebro, hvor venstreekstreme grupperinger blokerede store dele af Nørrebro i en voldelig, uanmeldt og ulovlig “moddemonstration” mod den islamkritiske forening “For Frihed”.

Mere på NewSpeek

4 december 2016


En jule-pynts-demonstration af foreningen ‘For Frihed’ var i går under massiv politibeskyttelse, da den blev angrebet af horder af venstreorienterede voldpsykopater.

Med venstrefløjens sædvanlige afmægtige paroler som “racist”, “fascist” og “nazist” smadrede gruppen af anti-demokrater offentligt inventar og byggede brændende barrikader på Dronning Louises Bro.

NewSpeeks Jeppe Juhl befandt sig midt i de “tolerante” pattebørns cirkus, da han var inviteret til at være gæstetaler.

Mere på NewSpeek


To af de fascistiske ‘anti-fascister’ skuespiller Nynne Pedersen og dramatiker Rosalinde Mynster udtaler følgende guldkorn til Politiken:

»Derfor må der altid moddemonstreres og moddiskuteres. Vi skal holde op med at behandle ytringsfrihed som en grundpille i demokratiet, for det lader til at myndiggøre alle stemmer – også dem der krænker i ytringsfrihedens navn. Nej. Vi må værne om ytringsfriheden, og en af måderne at gøre det på er at sige: Skal vi validere alle holdninger, bare fordi det er holdninger? Vi må og skal i ytringsfrihedens navn stille spørgsmålet: er det okay at udbrede racistiske holdninger? Er det noget, der er med til at støtte demokratiet eller undergrave det?«.

Der er selvklart en strålende fremtid for de de to loonies på DanMarx Radio.

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