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14 marts 2015

Pædofeten har talt til kaliffen

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Prophet Mohammed ordered Baghdadi to leave Mosul, dream.

Local sources in Mosul city reported that Da’ish (ISIS) gunmen will withdraw from the city upon personal orders of their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The Kurdish Democratic Party’s electronic site reported that “Baghdadi ordered his fighters to withdraw from the city, following his dream that he met Prophet Mohammed, who ordered him to leave Mosul city”.

The story of the dream spread among Da’ish fighters and the people. No date was given for the departure or the reasons for Prophet’s orders.

On the other hand, Kurdish Peshmarga forces reported their progress on Kirkuk front and Da’ish members fled without fighting.

Ubekræftet uden link.

Også nyt fra USA: Top members of President Barack Obama’s National Security Team, including the secretaries of State and Defense have lobbied Congress to pass a resolution authorizing the use of military force (AUMF) against the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL).

24 februar 2015

Nineveh Plain Protection Units (NPU)

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In October, 2014 Sons of Liberty International (SOLI) began strategizing with Iraqi Christians to assist them in the creation of the Nineveh Plain Protection Units (NPU), a military force in the Nineveh Plain region of Iraq on the frontlines of the fight against ISIS (also known as ISIL, IS, or the Islamic State).


Through the NPU and with consulting and training provided by SOLI, Christians in the Nineveh Plain are raising an army to defend their lands and fight against ISIS.
In December, 2014 SOLI CEO Matthew VanDyke, a veteran of the 2011 Libyan Revolution, brought a US Army veteran who served in Afghanistan (who is choosing to remain anonymous for his security) with him to Iraq to open a covert training facility north of Mosul, where SOLI began training 25 NPU soldiers. After assessing their abilities and finding the Christians of the Nineveh Plain to be exceptional candidates for further training, and having great confidence in the emerging leadership of the NPU with whom SOLI worked closely, a US Marine was brought to the covert facility later that month, followed soon after by two more US Army veterans.

In January, SOLI and the NPU received permission from the Peshmerga and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to train a much larger force, a battalion of Christian NPU soldiers. This official authorization allowed SOLI and the NPU to move the training from the covert facility north of Mosul to an official military base, the Manila Training Center, near Chamchamal, Iraq.

Mere her.

Australian man joins ‘self sacrificers’ group Dwekh Nawsha fighting militants in Iraq, calls for international support.

Westerners join Iraqi Christian militia to fight Islamic State.

Islamisk Stat har bortført mindst 90 assyriske kristne i Syrien, rapporterer observatørgruppe ifølge Reuters.

21 februar 2015

Obama administrationen fortæller Isis, hvor det næste angreb kommer..

Man tror det er løgn, men den slags oplysninger bliver tit offentliggjort af Obama & Co for at vise de gør “noget”


18 februar 2015

Europas fremtid?

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Kobane i Syrisk Kurdistan efter 4 måneders gadekampe mellem kurderne og ISIS.


Flere billeder her.

30 januar 2015

Kurdistan Congressman denounces US ‘betrayal’ of Kurds at London meeting

Excluding the Kurdistan Region from last week’s ant-ISIS meeting of 21 states in London was among America’s “most dismaying blunders,” a US Congressman said in strongly-worded criticism of the Obama administration.

Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher stressed in a statement criticizing the White House and European Union that “Kurdish sovereignty” was the Kurds’ best protection.

“The exclusion last week of Kurdistan from multinational talks in London to address the rising threat of the Islamic State has to be one of the most dismaying blunders in recent US diplomatic history,” said Rohrabacher, who represents California in the US Congress.

Rohrabacher, the chairman of the House Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, has been a long-time friend of the Kurds and has made several trips to the Kurdistan Region over the past years.

After his latest trip to Kurdistan in December, he called for recognizing Kurdistan as an independent state.

“It is long since past time that we recognize the Kurdish people as an independent nation and not a subjugated province of Iraq,” he said.

“This is no thanks to Baghdad, which is worried that Kurdish battlefield successes could reignite sentiment for Kurdistan’s self-determination and even independence,” he said.

Referring to the London meeting, he said:

“The diplomats gave the back of their hand to these brave people. Supposedly the meeting was devoted to developing a strategy to stop the radical Islamic onslaught, but it undermined efforts by the Kurds that are working. It succeeded in reinforcing arguments for Kurdish sovereignty, which is the surest route to the Kurds’ security.”

The congressman added that the US State Department could have convinced coalition partners to allow Kurdish representatives to attend.

“The region of Iraq known as Kurdistan has for too long been slighted by Baghdad, and it is an abysmal commentary on the Obama administration’s leadership that it has allowed the Iraqi government’s arrogant mistreatment of the Kurdish people,” Rohrabacher said.

“Clearly, the State Department could have used its influence with the meeting’s European hosts to assure the Kurds played their rightful role in bringing peace to their chaotic neighborhood,” he added.

Last week, leaders of 21 coalition states gathered in London to stress their commitment against ISIS. Kurds, who have proven to be the most reliable coalition partner in the battle against ISIS, were excluded from the conference.

Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani denounced the coalition countries for not appreciating the Kurdish sacrifice by saying: “It is unfortunate that the people of Kurdistan make the sacrifice and the credit goes to others.”

In his statement, Rohrabacher shared the Kurdish president’s sentiment:

“I share Kurdish President Barzani’s deep disappointment with the diplomatic dunces who kept him away from their deliberations.”

Secretary Kerry needs to provide answers for the State Department’s part in this diplomatic debacle,” he said.

In another part of the statement Rohrabacher said that Washington should directly supply military assistance to the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), bypassing Baghdad, which continues to hinder the timely delivery of military and humanitarian assistance for the Kurds.

“At the very least, American support and supplies should flow directly to them, not restricted by a requirement that our assistance first go through Baghdad,” he explained.

“The Kurds’ glaring absence from the invitation list is yet another betrayal of America’s friends, an outrage that only complicates the world’s efforts to fight Islamic terrorism,” he added.

Rohrabacher expressed his appreciation for Kurdistan and its leadership in opening their borders to more than one million refugees, regardless of religion, sect or ethnicity.

“As I saw personally just a few weeks ago, the Kurds, despite the odds arrayed against them and at a cost they can ill-afford, are providing refuge to hundreds of thousands of Christians displaced by the Islamic terrorists from their ancient homeland,“ he said.

25 januar 2015

Kurderne ikke inviteret med til Koalitionskonference i London

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The Kurdish President Masoud Barzani said he was disappointed that the Kurdistan Region was not invited to the anti-ISIS coalition conference in London where on Thursday world leaders pledged to defeat the Islamic State (ISIS).

“I express my and Kurdistan people’s disappointment with the organizers of this conference and it is unfortunate that the people of Kurdistan do the sacrifice and the credit goes to others,” said Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani in a statement.
Leaders of 21 coalition states gathered in London to stress their commitment against ISIS and the impact coalition air strikes have made against the radical group.
Barzani said that Kurdistan was leading the war against ISIS and it deserved to be present in such meetings.
The people of Kurdistan bear the brunt of this situation and no country or party can represent or truly convey their voice in international gatherings,” he said.
The Kurdish president said that the Peshmerga “are the most effective force countering global terrorism today.”

Araberne i Baghdad fortsætter Saddam Husseins og Malikis politik ved at udpine kurderne økonomisk, forhindre dem i at sælge deres olie, spænde ben for våbenleverancer til Kurdistan, og samtidig lader de kurderne modtage millioner af flygtninge og være den væsentligste modstander mod ISIS – åbenbart med Vestens velsignelse.

20 januar 2015

Mulla Krekar tvangsbosettes på Kyrksæterøra – får ikke forlate kommunen

Onsdag forrige varslet regjeringen at mulla Krekar skal pålegges meldeplikt og oppholdssted utenfor Oslo når han løslates til helgen.

Oslo-politiet fikk ansvar for å finne ut hvor mulla Krekar skal bo,  og tirsdag falt avgjørelsen.

Mulla Krekar pålegges oppholdssted på Kyrksæterøra i Hemne kommune i Sør-Trøndelag. Han pålegges å bo på Jarlen mottakssenter, og til enhver tid holde seg innenfor Hemne kommunes grense,  skriver Oslo politidistrikt i en pressemelding tirsdag ettermiddag.

Videre heter det at Krekar må melde seg for det lokale politiet tre ganger i uken og at Kyrksæterøra er bestemt som oppholdssted «etter flere kriterier fra PST».

Mere på VG.

Kyrksæterøra ligger 520 km fra Oslo.


6 januar 2015

Jihad på kokain i Kobane

Exclusive: Video Shows Cocaine Allegedly Found at Home of Islamic State Leader

Streets and strategic buildings have been taken over by slow street fighting, which culminated in the important December 22 recapturing of Kobane’s Cultural Center. A few hours earlier, the happy fighters of this YPG unit had managed to make their own successful early morning attack against a house on the southern front, where an IS leader named Emir Abu Zahra was known to reside. They told me that in the firefight he was shot and killed.

“They also found a few things of his, which they took with them,” Dayan told me. […]

And finally, sitting in front of me, is a large, transparent plastic bag filled with white powder. The YPG fighters told me they are not sure what this could be. So I dipped my index finger into it, and sure enough, it’s a big bag of cocaine. I must admit, I am familiar with the taste of the drug.

“Cocaine? What is that?” they ask.

The other guys have no knowledge of this drug, or how people use it. It’s nothing they have heard of or encountered before. But Dayan suggests that the powder is something Abu Zahra was distributing in smaller portions to his fighters.

Mere inklusive video.

Det er også morsomt, at journalisten kan opklare for Peshmergaerne, hvad der er i posen!

5 januar 2015

Norge: 5 års fængsel bliver til mindre end 2

Mullah Krekar, the Kurdish founder of radical Islamic group Ansar al-Islam is soon to be released from Norwegian prison, according to his brother.

Mullah Krekar, 55, left the Kurdistan Region for Norway as a refugee in 1991. He has been in prison since 2012, when he was sentenced to five years after being found guilty for making death threats against Norwegian officials and others. His brother, Khalid Ranjdar, also based in Norway, told BasNews that the mullah would be freed from prison later this month.

“When we last visited him in prison, he told us that he has received a letter from prison authorities informing him he will be released on January 25th,” said Ranjdar.

3 januar 2015


Så lige et klip af 2014 årsoversigten på TVTooNEWS.

En yazidisk kvinde fortæller om, hvad der skete, da ISIS besatte deres byer.

“De adskilte mænd kvinder og børn. De forlangte, at mændene konverterede til islam. De nægtede……..”


Hvad mon det næste, der blev sagt, var? Og hvorfor skulle der klippes lige der?

21 december 2014

ISIS desperate: Henretter sine egne

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SHINGAl, Kurdistan Region – The Islamic State (ISIS) has executed more than 50 of its own militants as a warning to others about abandoning positions, after Peshmerga forces pushed the fighters out of vast areas of the Kurdistan Region, a Kurdish official said.

“ISIS has executed dozens of its own gunmen who fled from Shingal,” Ismat Rajab, a Kurdistan Democratic Party official, told Rudaw.

He said information had been obtained that the mass executions took place in the city of Mosul, which is still in ISIS control.

NRK beretter stolt at de har talt med en “Nordmand”

Nordmann i Syria: ​ – Vi henretter voldtektsmenn, homofile og tystere.

En knapp måned før han ble drept, fortalte den norske IS-krigeren hva han gjorde i Syria. NRK har fått tilgang til de unike opptakene.

19 december 2014

Bomb squad – Peshmerga style

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11 december 2014

Sex-slaver i islam

The Islamic State (ISIS) has released a chilling list of dos and don’ts instructing its followers on how to treat the thousands of Yazidi sex slaves held in the terror group’s prison-brothels.

The list tries to answer all doubts that a possible ‘master’ may have on how to treat his slave. According to the document, slave women are known as al-Sabi by ISIS militants, and can only be taken from ‘ahl al-harb’ – any group of people with which the terror groups considers itself at war.
In the list of the 27 questions recorded by the group, ISIS has given answers to questions such as; ‘Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female captive immediately after taking possession?’, and ‘If the female captive was impregnated by her owner, can he then sell her?’.
The rape of a female captive, the document explains, is perfectly acceptable even for married men. It then uses a passage from the Koran, which says Allah rewards “Muslims who are chaste with everybody other their wives and those their right hands possess”.

4 november 2014

Islamic State Stops Attacks in Kobani

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Islamic State (IS) militants have stopped attacks on the besieged city of Kobani in Syrian Kurdistan.

Brigadier Abdul-Qahar Majid Hajji, the Peshmerga force commander in Kobani, told BasNews that the situation inside Kobani is calm and there are no longer clashes between the extremists and the Peshmerga and fighters of the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

“IS has suffered heavy causalities in recent days and right now they have stopped all their operations in the city,” said Hajji.

Mere på BasNews

27 oktober 2014

Israel hjælper kurdiske flygtninge i Irak

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Organisationen IsraAid har nået byen Duhok i det nordlige Irak med hjælp

De må være kommet via Tyrkiet, for de er vel ikke kommet gennem Syrien eller Iran ?

Ret imponerende at de tør i det område !

ScreenHunter_52 Oct. 27 15.56

Kortet stammer fra Google Maps.

som der står i kilden:

“Earlier this month, the NGO supplied beds, blankets, and food to over 1,000 families in the Kurdish city of Duhok, in northern Iraq. The emergency aid was dispatched to help refugees – many of them Christians and Yazidis who have faced the gravest threats from ISIS’s bloody military campaign – with the onset of the notoriously harsh winters of the Kurdistan region.

The convoy arrived at a 14,000-strong refugee camp carrying 2,000 blankets and mattresses, as well as enough powdered milk for all the 1,015 babies under one year of age.

Israeli aid workers were well-received.”

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse mere

26 oktober 2014

Lige i øjet

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25 oktober 2014

Danmarks internationale rygte: Danmark ruller den røde løber ud for jihadister

While officials in many western countries are wringing their hands over what to do about those citizens who want to return after fighting with one of the extremist groups in Syria and Iraq, Denmark welcomes its returning Jihadists with open arms.

Known as the “Aarhus Model,” named after the city where the idea was developed, the rehabilitation program helps returning fighters find jobs, schooling, and offers counseling, according to an article in The Local.

Our main principle is inclusion,” said Prof. Preben Bertelsen, who had a major role in developing the Aarhus model, in an article on the Newsweek website. “We’re not stigmatizing them or excluding them. Instead, we tell them we can help them get an education, get a job, re-enter society.”

Skriver Digital Journal blandt andet og henviser til en artikel i The American Interest, der skriver:

In Denmark, not one returned fighter has been locked up. Instead, taking the view that discrimination at home is as criminal as Islamic State recruiting, officials here are providing free psychological counseling while finding returnees jobs and spots in schools and universities. Officials credit a new effort to reach out to a radical mosque with stanching the flow of recruits.

To call these efforts misguided seems an understatement. ISIS and other radical jihadist groups hold a universalist Islamic theology that they are willing to enforce with violence, and they have been clear that the West is on their target list. Though not every returning jihadist might bear malice against their home state, a refusal to take enemies who denounce your way of life, have sworn to kill you, and have actually killed people at their word seems insane.


For all Western nations, however, learning how to deal with that threat without veering into either repressive measures or Danish-style Pollyanna-ism will be one of the major security challenges of the coming months and years.

 Danmarks omdømme bliver, at vi modtager krigsforbrydere, pædofile, kriminelle, røvere, mordere, voldsmænd, slavehandlere og voldtægstforbrydere, som har erklæret krig mod os, med inklusion.



24 oktober 2014

Allahu akbar

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20 oktober 2014

Den Internationale Domstol i Haag begynder at efterforske krigsforbrydelser og folkemord begået af ISIS i Irak

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Youssef Mohammed has revealed that the Kurdistan Parliament has asked the International Criminal Court in the Hague in Netherlands to regard the massacre of Kurdish Yazidis and others in the Mosul area as genocide.

The complaint has been accepted by the court and in the next few days, Kurdish Parliamentary delegates will hand over evidence regarding the genocide to the court.

“What has been happened to Yazidi women in Sinjar [kidnap, rape and slavery] is much worse than what has happened to all the men and the town itself,” said Mohammed.

The Kurdistan Parliament has made a complaint to the Hague court about Yazidi, Christian and Turkmen genocides that carried out by IS. The court has accepted the case and will discuss it soon.

Mere på basnews

I mellemtiden: “Danmark breder velkomstmåtten ud for islamister

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