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2 august 2017

Australiens meteorologiske institut grebet i at slette “kolde” temperaturmålinger…

Når nu virkeligheden ikke passer med global opvarmningsmodellen, må man jo snyde !

De kalder det selvfølgelig ikke snyd – blot at de har begået en “ærlig” fejl …

Mærkeligt, hvordan alle “ærlige” fejl ALTID går i samme retning : mere varme

Taget herfra og herfra, hvor du kan læse hele den sørgelige historie

Kilde: JL

26 juli 2017

Californien vil måske tillade begravelse ved kemisk opløsning så ‘liget’ kan skylles ud i toilettet

California lawmakers are considering a bill that would legalize “liquid cremation,” an “environmentally-friendly” process of using a chemical base mixture to destroy human remains as an alternative to cremation, which critics say causes pollution and climate change.

If Assembly Bill 967, known as “Human remains disposal: alkaline hydrolysis: licensure and regulation,” passes, Californians could be allowed to dissolve their loved ones’ remains by the year 2020.

Mere her.

23 juli 2017

Ny mini istid?

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Mange spår, at der er koldere tider i vente.

Jyllandsposten skriver:

“Frugttræer står uden frugt efter frost i foråret

“Frost giver faldt i høsten af æbler, pærer og bær. Flere lande i Europa er ramt, oplyser Dansk Gartneri.

Frugtavlere i hele landet har mærket, hvad nogle omtaler som de værste skader på produktionen af æbler i 25 år. Produktionen af bær og pærer er også ramt.

Ole Andersen er frugtavler og driftsleder på Orskov Foods på Sydfyn, der producerer og distribuerer frugt og bær.

I år forventer han et tab på 40 procent af æbleproduktionen. ”


Vi Hodjanere har for længst  kasseret klimareligionen, og holder os i stedet til, hvad vi kan se med vore egne øjne, og til hvad virkelige videnskabsmænd som Henrik Svensmark finder ud af:  Nemlig at lav solpletintensitet giver mere kosmisk stråling og dermed flere skyer og lavere temperaturer.

Vi husmænd noterede os, at kornet spirede 3 uger senere frem end sædvanligt, at træerne (de gamle store) også sprang ud 3 uger senere, og at meget andet var forsinket.  Nu håber vi på, at kornet kommer i hus, mest fordi vi ellers går fallit, men også fordi velfærdsstaten falder sammen uden mad.


17 juli 2017

Klimareligionen for retten

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A little-known court case is taking place in the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Vancouver.

This case involves two scientists and two set of graphs. One of the graphs is very famous, and the basis for every man-made climate change believer’s faith, while the other…is not.

Michael Mann is a climatologist and geophysicist working at Penn State University. In 1998, he was the leader of a group using statistical techniques that created a graph showing the earth’s temperature over the last 1,000 years. The graph would gain international fame and become known as the “hockey stick graph.”

The worldwide climate change industry is valued to be worth $1.5 trillion. That’s a lot of money for “research.” Enter Dr. Timothy Ball.

Dr. Ball has a PhD in climatology from Queen Mary University of London, and was a professor at the University of Winnipeg. He is an avid critic of the man-made climate change theory. It is not that he does not believe in climate change, but he does not believe humans are having the impact the church of man-made climate change says they are.

Dr. Ball also created his own version of the “hockey stick graph,” but it looked nothing like Mann’s. Ball’s graph shows what is known as the Medieval Warm Period.

Dr. Ball is enemy number one for the church of man-made climate change. One article he wrote made light of the connection between Mann and the Climatic Research Unit email controversy. Mann did not take to kindly to the slight, and decided to sue for libel.

Dr. Ball did not lay down and instead decided to fight the case. The case was filled in Canada and known as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation suit. It was filed six years ago, and is going sideways for Mann. The judge in the case has ordered all data used to make both graphs be handed over by all parties. Dr. Ball has cooperated, but Mann has not.

Dr. Ball recently stated, “We believe he [Mann] withheld on the basis of a U.S. court ruling that it was all his intellectual property. This ruling was made despite the fact the U.S. taxpayer paid for the research and the research results were used as the basis of literally earth-shattering policies on energy and environment. The problem for him is that the Canadian court holds that you cannot withhold documents that are central to your charge of defamation regardless of the U.S. ruling.”

John O’Sullivan reports on the punishment that Dr. Ball’s lawyers could ask for if Mann is found to be in contempt, “Ball is entitled to have the court serve upon Mann the fullest punishment. Contempt sanctions could reasonably include the judge ruling that Dr. Ball’s statement that Mann “belongs in the state pen, not Penn. State’ is a precise and true statement of fact. This is because under Canada’s unique ‘Truth Defense’, Mann is now proven to have willfully hidden his data, so the court may rule he hid it because it is fake. As such, the court must then dismiss Mann’s entire libel suit with costs awarded to Ball and his team.”

If this holds true, then the basis of the entire Paris climate agreement, IPCC, and every climate change agreement is in jeopardy. If it was all formed from faulty data, it is all at risk. The hockey stick graph is responsible for hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars being spent around the world, and hundreds of job-killing regulations being enacted on the American worker. It is time we find out if it was all fake.

Læs hele artiklen her.

Læs også: Verdenshistoriens største økononomiske svindelnummer.

15 juli 2017

Fantastisk flot “video” fra Nasa’s New Horizon og Pluto

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Nasa har lavet en imponerende video fra sonden New Horizon og dens mød med Pluto

Videoen er lidt mørk til at begynde med

3 juli 2017

Nyt studie viser at journalister er dummere end gennemsnittet

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1 juli 2017

‘Forskere’ har forfalsket videnskabelige data om luftforurening i The New England Journal og Medicine

Epidemiologen J. Enstrom gennemhuller artikel der taler for strammere regulering af luftforurening.

“The authors have falsified their research findings.”

Nyt studie har analyseret mere end 2 millioner dødsfald i Californien i relation til luftforurening med PM2,5.

Konklusionen lyder:

In summary, our empirical evidence, supported by literature and logic, is that current levels of air quality, ozone and PM2.5, are not associated with or causally related to acute deaths for California. Our results, well summarized in Fig. 4 ;  Fig. 5, show no effect of ozone or PM2.5 at 12 μg/m3 or across all doses examined. There is no indication of any effect at low doses, for example. These results should be taken into account in any future revisions of the NAAQS for PM2.5 and O3.


Læs også: It’s unprecedented in the history of business — the largest U.S. oil company Exxon Mobil (XOM)  has been officially captured by anti-oil political activists.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Scare Pollution’ a Pulitzer Prize-worthy Piece of Investigative Journalism

Most of the American public is unaware the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with the help of the American Lung Association and radical environmental groups, has nearly succeeded in an attempted takeover of absolutely all industry in the United States. How could EPA accomplish such a grand scheme? By claiming exposure to particles in the air as small as 2.5 millionths of a meter can cause death in a matter of minutes, hours, or days.

It is called the PM2.5 rule, and the best scientific research shows these particles are ubiquitous and, contrary to EPA’s claims, are harmless.

28 juni 2017

Ramadan Bombathon 2017 – Final results

During the 2017 Ramadan Bombathon, jihadis killed nearly 1600 people in the name of Allah.

By comparison, all other religions combined didn’t launch a single terrorist attack in the name of their respective religions. What can we learn from these results? In this video, David Wood discusses five takeaways from this year’s Ramadan Bombathon.

23 juni 2017

Fysikeren Alan Sokal gør tykt grin med de politisk korrekte floskler

Og de politisk korrekte floskel kanoner falder lige i fælden


Der er jo ingen grund til at “peer-reviewe” en artikel, som ser politik korrekt ud …


Taget fra Vlad

11 juni 2017

Junk science i New England Journal of Medicine: Stress from Trump election to kill minorities

Boston, MA – Stress, increased risk for disease, babies born too early, and premature death are among the negative health impacts that could occur in the wake of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, according to a new article from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Hospital.

Marginalized groups are likely to be most affected, the authors said. That’s because hostile attitudes toward racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants, and Muslims–which appear to have been brought more to the surface with the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump–have been linked in previous studies with both mental and physical adverse health effects.

The article appears in the June 8, 2017 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Videnskab er efterhånden noget, der hører fortiden til, alt bliver politiseret og kun få stiller spørgsmål til vrøvlet.

Her er flere eksempler på, at læger tror de har forstand på klimavidenskab:

Using words such as a “dangerous step backwards” and a “rejection of science-based decision-making,” a phalanx of medical societies is denouncing President Donald Trump’s decision on June 1 to withdraw from the Paris climate-change accord and pursue a new accord.

Trump’s rejection of the Paris Agreement met with swift disapproval from the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health (MSCCH), which consists of 12 associations. His decision “is the wrong choice that puts Americans at unnecessary risk,” said MSCCH Director, Mona Sarfaty, MD, MPH, in a news release. “Climate change is the greatest public health challenge of our time.”

MSCCH members are the ACP, the American Academy of Family Physicians; the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP); the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists; the National Medical Association; the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma. and Immunology; the American College of Preventive Medicine; the American Podiatric Medical Association; the American Geriatrics Society; the Society of General Internal Medicine; the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine; and the American Association of Community Psychiatrists.


Climate change is a major threat to mental health, the American Psychiatric Association (APA), warns. The association has joined the growing ranks of physician groups that are sounding the alarm about the multifactorial effects that rising seas, temperature extremes, and changing environments are having on individuals’ physical and mental health.

In a new position statement, the APA focuses on the profound impact of climate change on mental health, which may include the development or exacerbation of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or substance abuse.

Det danske Ugeskrift for Læger abonnerer også på klima pseudovidenskaben.

9 juni 2017

Kompilation: Latterlige klimaforudsigelser

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8 juni 2017

Lone Nørgaard cand.mag. om “Det Andalusiske Paradis”

I denne video stiller lektor Lone Nørgaard, hovedstyrelsesmedlem i Dansk Samling, skarpt på myten om det såkaldte ’andalusiske paradis’.

ANDALUSIAN_PARADISEMyten har i multikulturalismens navn domineret i historieskrivningen og historieundervisningen de seneste årtier:

I en folkevandringstid er myten den politisk opportune fortælling om, at muslimer, jøder og kristne levede sammen i fred og fordragelighed. At den muslimske tolerance skabte fredelig sameksistens i Andalusien. Men går man til kilderne, så viser den udbredte myte sig at være en andalusisk and!

Et væld af kilder og arkæologiske udgravninger giver nemlig et andet billede af tiden fra islamisk erobring i 711 til undergangen i 1492.

Kilderne fortæller en ganske anden historie end glansbilledet: Kulturel, økonomisk, religiøs og politisk undertrykkelse af alle minoriteter fra de muslimske magthaveres side.

Altså det modsatte af et ’paradis’, medmindre man var en del af den muslimske elite.

7 juni 2017

Candice Malcolm leverer her en god beskrivelse af “Paris Accord”

Dvs. det miljøsvindelnummer, som bl.a. vore statsminister er så glad for

Han kunne godt tåle at se denne video

4 juni 2017

“Trump gjorde det rigtige med at hoppe af den globale opvarmings svindel”

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Ezra Levant har en god analyse her

Ezra mener at selv om Trump snakker om genforhandling, ved Trump udmærket godt at “menneskeskabt global opvarming” er rent fup uden nogen form for dokumentation;

Du får også at vide, hvorfor klima hystaderne altid vælger 1990 som udgangspunkt (4:0 min inde)


3 juni 2017

Bjørn Lomborg viser tåbelighederne ved Paris aftalen

Den vil koste en formue og næsten ikke påvirke CO2-udledningen …

Med andre ord : splid af penge og indsats – bortset fra “virtue signaling”

$100,000,000,000,000 $ for at nedsætte temperaturen med 0.3 grader

Og så er det end 0.3 grader Fahrenheit ! svarende til 0.1667 grader Celsius

Kan det betegnes som andet end religiøst hysteri at støtte det … ?

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse mere

Tucker Carson om det religiøse klima hysteri efter Trumps beslutning

Tucker viser klip fra MSM hysteriet

Senere viser han at Hillary Clinton er så langt ud nu at hun beskylder New York Times og DNC ! for at have været imod hende, fordi de nævnte hendes emails-skandale !

Og til sidst spørger han Nigel Farage om han er russisk spion, for det er det seneste rygte, som smudsavisen The Guardian nu er kommet med …

Selvfølgelig med unavngivne kilder …

Kilde: JL

2 juni 2017

Interessant uortodoks vinkel på klimahysteriet

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Måske skulel Løkke Rasmussen se denne video i stedet for at græde snot

Og her er et kort uddrag af Trumps tale med den del, der er relevant ifbm. klimahysteriet:

Klunker klovnen er sur på Trump …

EUs semidiktator, Jean-Claude Juncker, mener at han forstår alt

Det er nok snarere Juncker, der ikke forstår amerikansk politik !

Hvis Obama kan underskrive en af hans uduelige og inkompetente aftaler UDEN kongressens godkendelse, så kan præsident Trump uden videre bare melde USA ud,
selv om Juncker, Soros, MSM og tåbelige politikere ( desværre inclusive vores egen statsminister) er sure og mener noget andet

Om Trump så vælger at gøre dette, vil vise sig

Taget herfra

1 juni 2017

Glimrende artikel om klima og klima”forskning”

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Mens MSM har travlt med at gætte på Trumps beslutning om Parisaftalen

Så har Jens Morten Hansen, geolog, adj. professor i naturfilosofi skrevet en artikel, der burde læses af alle, især politikere


Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse hele artiklen

Jeg har lige opdaget at husmanden også har lagt et indlæg ind om denne artikel,
men en god artikel kan godt tå to indlæg på bloggen her … 🙂

Nu har selv Politiken (vest)

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fået kolde fødder i klimahysteriet.

I dagens udgave af netavisen Jyllandsposten har Jens Morten Hansen, geolog, adj. professor i naturfilosofi en længere eftertanke over det globale opvarmningshysteri.

Selvom manden er geolog, og ikke klimaforsker, så har han en lang række fornuftige tanker og opfølgninger – fx om de 97%.   Selvfølgelig skal Trump have en over snuden, det lever han let med, da han har ansat en rigtig videnskabsmand – William Happer – til at tage sig af klimaet.

Måtte vi snart komme dertil at Krauss og Cox og resten af bundtet af charlatan’er må blive smidt på møddingen sammen med resten af videnskabens fjolser, så skal vi her på Hodjanerne glæde os.  Så kan fysikerne igen koncentrere sig om at konstruere lange formler og udredninger om noget ingen kan se eller tage og føle på, og som ikke har ringeste praktiske betydning. Så kan vi andre igen koncentrere os om langt langt vigtigere ting.

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