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17 november 2011

EU vil diskutere familiesammenføringslovgivning

The EU Commission Tuesday kicked off a discussion on whether to change laws on bringing migrant families back together, with some states concerned about abuse of the law.

“Family reunification gives immigrants the possibility to have a family life and helps their integration into society,” said home affairs commissioner Malmstrom.

15 november 2011

Boganmeldelse af Bat Ye’or (Januar 2010)

Written in a clear style, Rubenstein’s book evokes in simple language, the most crucial issues of our time: is the West repeating the scenario of the 1940s, organising through a UN, dominated by the OIC – particularly the UN Human Rights Council – a worldwide campaign of demonization of Israel in order to justify its destruction?

The Council’s acceptance of the Goldstone Report condemning Israel for self-defence adopts the Islamic view in which jihadist attacks are commended but the resistance of those aggressed upon is taken to be aggression against Allah’s rights. Having lost its legitimacy according to the permanently valid concept of dar al-Harb, Israel is thus alleged to be guilty of the “war crime” of defending itself against its own destruction. In effect, this view condemns any resistance to terrorism and gives a free pass to terrorists. What does this policy tells us about the West, and particularly Europe’s own policy? Does its mean that the West approves the jihadist strategy of world Islamization while self-defence is prohibited? Has the West already adopted this policy for itself as the politically correct culture, as the sanctions against ‘Islamophobia’ seem to suggest? In this case, we have to reflect on the spiritual and political meaning for us of the current anti-Israel hatred and policy in the West, and Rubenstein’s book is an indispensable start.


Læs den glimrende anmeldelse her.

3 oktober 2011

An Egyptian Jew in Exile: An Interview with Bat Ye’or

Less well known is the saga of Bat Ye’or’s family ejection from Egypt as stateless persons following the first Sinai War in 1956.

Deprived of resources they made their way to exile in England. This interview with Bat Ye’or focuses on her experience and that of her family as Jews in Egypt during this tumultuous period following the founding of the State of Israel and the Free Officers Movement coup in Egypt. It touches on her family heritage; her meeting with her future husband while both were students at London University’s Institute of Archeology, their marriage and their little known exploits in clandestinely saving Moroccan Jewish children and enabling their emigration to Israel. Both Bat Ye’or and her husband David Littman were honored in 2009 for this rescue known by Littman’s code name, Operation Mural.

“Dhimmitude is the most important concept to understand in order to face the XXI century’s challenges. […]

I also underlined the fact that the so-called protection granted to the dhimmi was a protection against the threats of jihad: death, slavery or forced conversion imposed by Muslim law on non Muslims. Hence the toleration came within a condemnation. Such protection does not deserve any admiration or gratitude from its victims, because it belongs to an unjust system that denies to non-Muslims the right to live. It is tolerant only in the Islamic conception of justice. If we say that it is tolerant, it implies that we agree with the first condition: the condemnation.

My discussion on the specificities of Islamic tolerance clarified the fallacies of this notion and its superficiality. This point also brought me many enemies since the belief in the justice of Islamic law and therefore in the justice of the system of dhimmitude is a religious obligation for Muslims and therefore for the cohorts of their supporters in the West. I recognize of course that my researches are far from being perfect and should be improved and corrected, but the controversies were more spawned by politics or antisemitism than by historical arguments.

My books also demonstrated that slavery was not practiced only by the West; Islam practiced it on a much larger and longer scale. Likewise the wars of conquest, colonialism and imperialism were much more pursued by Muslims than by Christians. Those historical facts were acrimoniously opposed by Europeans. My publications on the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries, raised suspicion and hate from Christian pro-palestinian sectors. All in all, my work couldn’t be more opposed to the European policy of alliances and integration with the Muslim world, based on a common Euro-Arab hatred of Israel. Europe was involved in the creation of Palestine and the weakening, the demise of Israel. ” […]

I do not think that the Eurabian project had foreseen the consequences of a massive Muslim presence in the West, but now our leaders cannot conceive another policy than submission, dhimmitude and Islamization of their own countries by multiculturalism and globalization. This policy adheres to materialist and opportunist considerations under the guise of humanitarian aims; it is devoid of any ethic and morality.

Læs interviewet med Jerry Gordon her.

6 september 2011

Senior belgisk dommer: Enden på demokratiet er måske ikke lang væk

Two senior Belgian judges, Yves Liégeois, Antwerp public prosecutor, and Piet Van Den Bon, Advocate General of the Higher Labour Court, have made devastating criticisms of the Belgian government’s immigration policy.

From the start of his speech, Mr Liégeois, set the tone:

“The end of democracy may not be far away. The problems are becoming unmanageable. The total failure of immigration policy is one expression of that.”

The two Antwerp magistrates insist that the authorities have completely lost control of immigration. And Mr Van de Bon makes a very sombre assessment of some districts in Belgian cities where, based on a round-table with labour magistrates in the Antwerp and Limburg regions (the sphere of the Antwerp Appeal Court), he notes an increase in “destabilising socio-economic practices“. And the magistrate sounds the alarm: “These practices may endanger the existence of our state of law.” He observes that the majority of foreigners can get access to unemployment benefits if they have done enough work in their country of origin. Now, he adds, criminal organisations create companies that supply false work references which the worker can buy.

“We are inundated with these criminal networks, fraudulent individuals and bogus companies. Especially in Antwerp,” says Mr Van Den Bon.

And the magistrate also attacks asylum policy.

“The law relating to asylum has been hijacked: the same applies to family reunion, which is far too easy.” And this imposes a burden on social security.

Fra Islam versus Europe

1 september 2011

Islamisering – Eurabia……………Ikke eksisterende!

Læs mere på Politisk Ukorrekt.dk

4 august 2011

Nyt om det Eurabia som medierne påstår ikke eksisterer

OIC tager over.

Fra GoV via GalliaWatch:
Here is one excerpt, which is actually a quote from Arab News:

In what can rightly be described as a seminal step in relations between the Muslim world and the Western world, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the leading nations of the Western world led by the United States and the European Union agreed Saturday to take concrete steps to combat intolerance, negative stereotyping and discrimination, incitement to violence, and violence against persons based on religion or belief.

The high-level meeting was held at the historic Yildiz Palace in Istanbul. It was attended by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Cathrine Ashton along with foreign ministers and officials from France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Senegal, Sudan, the Vatican, UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Arab League and African Union. The meeting was co-chaired by OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

4 juni 2011

Spanien: Kvinder er bange for at gå udendørs efter klokken 20 af angst for at blive voldtaget af muslimer i byen Salt

Europæiske mega moskeer

18 maj 2011

Hollandske jøder mere og mere angste: Sammenligner nutiden med optakten til 2. Verdenskrig

Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs said on National Liberation Day that more and more Jews are afraid.

He added “Many Jews think back to the prelude of the Second World War. There is fear.” He said that during the war, his father’s windows were stoned and nowadays his windows are stoned. Jacobs added: “If I walk on Saturday afternoon to the synagogue, people yell out insults to me. Not only near the mosque, but near the hockey field by the autochthonous Dutch. A Jewish man who studies on Saturday afternoon with me doesn’t dare walk alone in the street. The board of our organization has prohibited me to travel alone on the train or to be near a station.” Furthermore, the Rabbi mentioned the debate on the prohibition of ritual slaughter. He said: “Hitler also started with a prohibition of kosher slaughter.”

16 maj 2011

Islamiseringen af Europa

6 maj 2011

Islams rejse til Danmark


17 marts 2011

From Denmark with love: “Save Europe, make kids!”‏

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19 februar 2011

Nu advarer også Europarådet mod multikulturalismen

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The Council of Europe, guardian of the European convention on human rights, has backed the growing number of heads of government denouncing multiculturalism as a failure, warning that it poses a threat to security.

Vlad Tepes

17 februar 2011

Borgerkrig i det besatte Frankrig

11 februar 2011

Pat Condell: The taste of multiculturalism

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Hvad er moskeens funktion i islam?

10 februar 2011

Den ‘moderate’ Tariq Ramadan afsløret: Nedkalder hævn over Allahs fjender

Inside A Sharia Court!

Massiv lav-IQ indvandring til Danmark betyder forringet konkurrenceevne.‏

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På lørdag fejrer vi Darwins 202års fødselsdag med foredrag i Århus:

Lørdag den 12. februar fejrer Ateistisk Selskab Darwins 202års fødselsdag over hele landet, blandt andet med et foredrag i Århus.

Her vil professor emeritus i udviklingspsykologi Helmuth Nyborg holde et foredrag om religion, intelligens og indvandring set i et evolutionært perspektiv, og ud fra dette vil han diskutere, hvordan Danmarks fremtid ser ud.
Efterfølgende er der mulighed for at fortsætte diskussionen og skåle for Darwin i et glas OriginAle på Cockney Pub, Maren Smeds Gyde 8, 8000 Århus C.

Bl.a. kommer foredraget ind på, at religiøse fundamentalister har lavere IQ end ateister, og at den massive lav-IQ indvandring til Danmark betyder forringet international konkurrenceevne.
Talmæssige fremskrivninger antyder videre, at etnisk danskere kommer i mindretal omkring 2075 og erstattes af mennesker med betydeligt lavere IQ. Dette vil helt ændre den danske velfærdsstat.

Tid og sted:
Lørdag den 12. februar, kl. 13:30 til 15:00.
Århus Hovedbibliotek
Møllegade 1

8000 Århus

Læs mere om Darwindag 2011 her:

Kirsten Damgaard, kulturpsykolog.

31 januar 2011

Progressive Media Report Infers Moderate Muslims are Threat to National Security

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