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26 april 2017

Hvad fortæller MSM ikke om Victor Orbans kontrovers med EU om universitetet han vil lukke?

EUSSR vil føre Ungarn for EU-Domstolen, fordi Orban vil lukke CEU Universitetet, der er oprettet af og finansieret af George Soros.

Medierne ‘glemmer’ at fortælle, at CEU blev smidt ud af Tjekkiet for nogle år siden, hvilket fremgår af et interview med Vaclav Klaus:

This interview was published in the Hungarian newspaper Magyar Hírlap the 22nd of July, 2016.
The interview was made by István Lovas and published originally in Hungarian.

  • The EU is a threat to Europe
  • Brexit is the victory of every European freethinkers
  • Today’s liberals can be considered mostly as camouflaged communists

Václav Klaus is a graduated economist, he was the President for ten years and the Prime Minister for five years of Czech Republic. He was deprived of his membership of Academy of Sciences in 1968 after Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. He was one of the founders of Civic Forum during the 1989 “Velvet Revolution”, he was also the first non-communist Finance Minister of the country. He founded Czech Civic Democratic Party (ODS) and led it as its president. He is the leader of the eponymous think tank called Institute Václav Klaus in Prague, where we were talking with him because of the German release of his highly acclaimed book Migration [Völkerwanderung – Kurze Erläuterung der aktuellen Migrationskrise; co-author Jiří Weigl – translator’s notice], about the crisis afflicting the continent.

István Lovas: Recently, in an interview you mentioned how you bundled off Central European University (CEU) of George Soros from Prague. I might add, that the Hungarian government of that time was very pleased for being able to host them in Budapest. Perhaps there is a better view of the world affairs from Hradjin than from the banks of the Danube?

Václav Klaus: Very good comment, but unfortunately, one thing is wrong with that. At that time I wasn’t yet the President, but the Prime Minister, so I was looked at the world from the bank of Vltava. At the Hradčany, it was the residence of Václav Havel, who adored Soros. Havel really did not welcome my decision. As far as you know in our countries the direction and the quality of politics is fluctuating. At that time we were much more rightists and radicals, than the Hungarian government.

IL: In a recent interview, referring to the disposal of Soros’s CEU you mentioned, that you were working always on the restriction of presence of him. Can we say, that apart of some minor entities, your country is free from Soros?

Václav Klaus: We are not. There are many non-governmental organizations, which are very similar regarding of their mentality. But if I am not wrong, there is no direct activity in the Czech Republic. At the time you mentioned, we were taking care for not to grant a real status for his University.

IL: In the same interview you also told, that your mind was not changed about Soros during the past quarter-century. You added wholeheartedly also, that he is the embodiment of evil.

Václav Klaus: We wanted to make the transition happen according to our intentions. To realize our ideas during the process of the transformation of a communist society. While Mr. Soros wanted to tell us how to do that. Which was unacceptable for us. We wanted to establish a normal system of political parties. He wanted to fulfill changes that are beneficial for him without political parties, trough non-governmental organizations, which are representing nobody. Least of the voters. So this was the political debate with him.

IL: In your opinion, why the European Union pays so much attention to this speculator? For example in case of migrants.

Václav Klaus: I couldn’t say that it pays attention to him. Of course, there are sitting different kind of homo sapiens there whom I called earlier homo bruxellarum. They are thinking on similar way. I couldn’t state that in Brussels they are looking at Mr. Soros as a big friend.

IL: You praise Hungary on the 36th page of the German language release of your mentioned book, like the only country which took effective measures to arrest the waves of migrants. On the same place, you called the European Commission and the member countries cowards. But what do they fear?

Václav Klaus: I am afraid, they are not afraid of us. They don’t fear Mr. Orbán, anyone, anything. They want to change the composition of the European population. They believe in multiculturalism. Maybe they even believe in their own words, that the mass of incoming migrants will enrich Europe. And that this is the way to the future of Europe.

IL: But you wrote cowards. What do they fear?

Václav Klaus: It is cissy there, in the original Czech text.

IL: That is also good.

Václav Klaus: They are cissy, because they believe in this ideology of multiculturalism.

IL: Brussels said, there will be penalty for each country for every rejected migrants, it will be €250,000 per person. But if the migration is such a good business, then why should punish anyone, who does not want to be a part of it?

Václav Klaus: This is a very good question. Definitely, this is a tool with which they want to force the countries to admit the migrants. But I do not think that they believe that migrants could mean any productive potency to the European societies in the foreseeable future. They understood that their calling for migrants was a mistake, and now, they don’t know how to handle their presence in Germany. This is why they want to distribute them in Europe. They want to punish the Hungarians and the Czechs, who don’t want to accept them.

IL: Why did you prevent, as the President, that the flag of the EU was being flown above the entrance of the presidential palace in 2004, during the accession of Czech Republic?

Václav Klaus: First of all, the EU flag is not an official flag. There was a memorable debate on this in relation with the Lisbon Treaty, if the EU Constitution could contain this, but it was throwing out then. But it is far more important to know, I think, that the Czech Republic is a sovereign state, therefore no EU flag should fly at the top of the Hradjin. We did not like the Nazi flag during the German occupation of our country either.

IL: When on 5th of December in 2008 the EU flag was given to you by Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who commonly represents in both of our countries a special kind of not so lovely people, he did it like it was a reminder to you for your act of preventing the setout of the flag on the building of presidential palace earlier, so he told you, he doesn’t care about your opinion on Lisbon Treaty, and also, that that should be signed. There is no way to protest anywhere! You responded him then, that he is speaking exactly as the soviets did. What is the reason of today’s liberals are talking exactly the same way as the Communists did it during their time? And why it is that today’s decent people hate liberals just as intensively, at least in Hungary, as they did it once with communists?

Václav Klaus: You are talking about today’s liberals. Those, who have little to do with classical liberals. They are disguised communists rather. Mr Cohn-Bendit is not a liberal in the sense of its traditional meaning. He is thinking exactly on the same way as he did it in 1968.

IL: If the current Hungarian government takes any steps, the liberal opposition starts to shout about centralization. In the same time, they adore centralization if it comes from Brussels. Do you also have the same kind of liberals?

Václav Klaus: No, in Czech Republic we don’t call them liberals. I am simply stunned that in Hungary, as you just said, these people are called liberals.

IL: Sorry, they are calling themselves liberals.

Václav Klaus: So in Hungary, but not here. In the Czech Republic they are called Social Democrats. But anyway, we are not using the term: liberal.

IL: I was the witness of your speech a few years ago [19th of February 2009. – translator’s notice] in the European Parliament during the Czech presidency of the European Union, when the delegates run out from the chamber in hordes. While Mr Pöttering, the then President of the European Parliament, was listening that you call them communists as referring to their intolerant behaviour while being criticized, in parallel with the Soviet Dictatorship, his face turned red from anger, and almost choking with rage. Were your views softened since that time?

Václav Klaus: No. They remained the same. Perhaps they had even hardened. I believe that the EU is a threat to Europe and the cause of its continuous, steady decline, nowadays.

Læs resten af interviewet her.

3 marts 2017

EU vil afvæbne Europas indbyggere

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Tjekkiets indenrigsminister Milan Chovanec vil bevæbne sine borgere.


Tschechiens Innenminister Milan Chovanec hält demonstrativ ein Winchester- Gewehr quer vor der Brust. In einem Internet- Video erklärt er, warum er das Recht auf Waffenbesitz in der Verfassung verankern will. “Der Grund ist, dass sich in Europa die Sicherheitslage immer weiter verschlechtert”, sagt der 47- jährige Politiker. Der andere Grund: In Reaktion auf die jüngsten Terroranschläge will die EU das Waffenrecht in den Mitgliedsländern deutlich verschärfen.

Mere på Kronen Zeitung

23 februar 2017

Den slovakiske kvinde Adriana Melekova der brændte en koran af efter at have p***** på den er blevet narret hjem til arrestation af sit lands regering

Nu brænder slovakker og tjekker koraner af og nægter at holde op, før hun bliver løsladt.

Mere her.

5 januar 2017

Tjekkiets indenrigsminister Milan Chovanec vil bevæbne landets borgere

27 december 2016

Tjekkiets socialdemokratiske præsident vil ikke have muslimer i sit land

Den sosialdemokratiske tsjekkiske president Milos Zeman holdt i går kveld sin årlige juletale til det tsjekkiske folket.

«I dag er det nesten ingen tvil om sammenhengen mellom innvandringsbølgen og terrorangrep,» sa presidenten. Han understreket at han ikke hadde noen problemer med å ta imot innvandrere fra europeiske naboland, men han ville stenge grensen for innvandrere fra muslimske land.

Mere på Frie Ytringer

15 december 2016

Tjekkiet køber 8 israelske radar til erstatning af gamle sovjet udstyr

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Af typen ELM 2084 MMR , som Israel bruger i Iron Dome og Davids Sling anti-missil systemer



En handel til 114 mill $

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse mere

29 august 2016

Prag: “Merkel muss weg!”

23 august 2016

Tjekkiets forhenværende præsident Václav Klaus er gæst hos AfD Mecklenburg Vorpommern

Islamisk invasion af Prag

22 august 2016

Den anti-islamiske bevægelse IMK iscenesætter islams erobring af Prag

2 maj 2016

Anti-islamisk march gennem Prag

16 februar 2016

Visegrad staterne giver ikke 5 flade øre for Merkels flygtningepolitik

De østeuropæiske EU-medlemmer Ungarn, Polen, Slovakiet og Tjekkiet giver intet for Angela Merkels flygtningepolitik.

De præsenterer deres egne forholdsregler ved et møde, hvor kernen er afspærring. I Makedonien og Bulgarien skal der opstilles yderligere grænsehegn, for at standse indtrængernes videre færd. Der er ikke meget EU kan gøre ved det, og Grækenland risikerer at blive afskåret fra Schengenområdet.

27 december 2015

Milos Zeman Tsjekkias president: – Jeg er dypt overbevist om at vi ser en organisert invasjon og ikke en spontan bevegelse av flyktninger

Tsjekkias president Milos Zeman holdt i går sin årlige julehilsen til det tsjekkiske folk.

 Jeg er dypt overbevist om at vi ser en organisert invasjon og ikke en spontan bevegelse av flyktninger, sa Zeman.

Han sammenliknet situasjonen for de som nå er på flukt med unge tsjekkere som forlot landet da det var under okkupasjon av nazi-regimet fra 1939 til 1945, skriver AFP.
Ifølge presidenten var deres mål å kjempe for frigjøringen av Tsjekkia, og ikke å motta sosial støtte fra Storbritannia, skriver Deutsche Welle.

Noen ganger føler jeg meg som Kassandra som advarer trojanerne om å ikke ta med den trojanske hesten inn i byen, sa han i julehilsenen.

Mere på Dagbladet
Antallet af ikke-vestlige personer er syvdoblet siden 1983.

3 december 2015

Victor Orban: Der venter europæerne en grim overraskelse

Orbán beretter om hemmelig aftale i Bryssel.

“Europa erwartet böse Überraschung”: 500.000 syrische Flüchtlinge sollen von der Türkei direkt in die EU umverteilt werden. Ungarns Premier spricht von einem unter deutscher Führung entstandenen Plan.

“Diese böse Überraschung erwartet Europa”, sagte Orbán. Er erwarte starken Druck auf sein Land ebenso wie auf Polen, die Slowakei und Tschechien, einen Teil der Flüchtlinge aufzunehmen. “Wir können dies nicht akzeptieren”, betonte der Ministerpräsident.

Mere på Die Welt

15 februar 2015

PEGIDA-like demonstration against Islam in Brno, Czech Republic

4 december 2014

Tjekkiet vil ikke have flere muslimer end de 3.358 de har

Tyskland vil at Tsjekkia skal ta imot mellom 5000 og 10 000 syriske flyktninger neste år.

Men tsjekkerne kvier seg. I Tsjekkia er det i dag 3358 personer som sier de har islam som sin religion, og det er liten begeistring for å mer enn doble antallet på bare ett år. Landets sosialdemokratiske innenriksminister vet hvordan han kan forpurre tyskernes krav. Han vil ikke endre landets innvandringspolitikk uten støtte fra befolkningen gjennom en folkeavstemning.

«Tsjekkia er fortsatt veldig forsiktig når det gjelder dette problemet. Og hvis vi skal gjennomføre noen endring i innvandringspolitikken bør det først være godkjent av en folkeavstemning», sier landets sosialdemokratiske innenriksminister Milan Chovanec (CSSD) til den tsjekkiske avisen Blesk. «Vi må være veldig forsiktig med hvem vi får inn i den tsjekkiske republikken,» sier han.

Det er liten tvil om hva resultatet av en folkeavstemning vil bli. Selv om det knapt finnes en muslim i gatebildet i Praha eller andre tsjekkiske byer frykter tsjekkerne islam. Det viste en undersøkelse foretatt av EU i forbindelse med valget til Europaparlamentet i mai.
To av tre tsjekkere svarte at islam er en trussel mot det tsjekkiske samfunnet, ifølge Prague Post.

Mere om det på Frie Ytringer

15 august 2013

Dørslag godkendt som religiøs hovedbeklædning i Tjekkiet

Lukas Novy, 28, bosat i Tjekkiet, får nu ret til bære køkkenredskabet dørslag som hovedbeklædning på sit ID-kort.


Dørslaget udgør en vigtig del af den pastafariske tro. Det bæres for at vise respekt for det Flyvende Spaghettimonster som er religionens gud og altings skaber.

Mere på Avpixlat.

15 maj 2009

Anti-koran stickere i Metroerne i Prag og Brno, Tjekkiet

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Stickers against the Koran have appeared around the mosque in Brno and in the Prague underground probably with the aim to stir up conflicts and encourage prejudices, Vladimir Sanka, deputy head of the Muslim Communities Centre, told CTK today.

The stickers quote passages from the Koran that are allegedly at variance with the human rights concept in the Western world, which is supported by references to the Human Rights Declaration.

“The quotes are taken out of the context,” Sanka said, adding that the two texts cannot be compared in this way.

Mere på Ceske Noviny

Sjovt som koran-citater altid er taget ude af sammenhæng.

7 maj 2009

Manden som kan redde Europa.

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Forfatningstraktaten Lissabontraktaten er død! – siger Tjekkiets præsident og nægter at underskrive kapitulationen.

klausIfølge “Die Welt” har Tjekkiets parlament – inclusive andetkammeret (senatet) vedtaget at ratificere Tjekkiets Anschluss. Derfor jubler junkerne i Wolffschanze Bryssel, men måske for tidligt. Selv den afgående premierminister, Topolanek, harcellerer over at man i EUSSR – lige som andre voldtægtsforbrydere – ikke forstår et “NEJ”. Som for eksempel det irske “NO” og talrige danske “NEJ”.  Og ifølge Tjekkiets forfatning træder ratificeringen ikke i kraft før præsidenten har sat sin underskrift. Og det tøver Vaclav Klaus – som samtidig er formand for EUSSR – med at gøre. Han har tidligere vist mod og mandshjerte over for EUdioterne – for eksempel ved at forbyde det famøse EUSSR-flag på sin præsidentbolig og ved at sammenligne det nye ‘ondskabens imperium’ med det gamle. Han siger lige ud: “Lissabontraktaten er død”. – En sand statsmand og frihedskæmper!

UPDATE: Efter senatetes vedtagelse holdt Vaclav Klaus en tale som ville være en Winston Churchill værdig. Den kan læses ved at klikke på “more”:


19 februar 2009

EUSSR: “Debat skaber blot kaos i vore korridorer”

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Tjekkiets præsident ønsker fri debat i EUSSR og bliver piftet ud af de ærede medlemmer.

klausDer er kun ganske få statsmænd tilbage i Europa. Én af dem er Vaclav Klaus. Foruden at være præsident for sit land er han det næste halve års tid også formand for EUSSR. I den egenskab har han holdt en tale til “Mickey-Mouse Parlamentet” (copyright: Ritt Bjerregaard). Talen kan læses i sin helhed HER. Klaus kalder hele EUSSR-cirkuset for udemokratisk og sammenligner det med Sovjetunionen.

“The most important task is to make sure that debate over problems is not silenced as an attack on the very idea of European integration. We have always believed that being allowed to discuss such serious issues, being heard, defending everyone’s right to present a different that “the only correct opinion – no matter how much may disagree with it – is at the very core of democracy,” he said.

“Since there is no European demos – and no European nation – this defect can not be solved by strengthening the role of the European Parliament.”

Avril Doyle, a particularly fine example of Euro-MP mindset attacked  President Klaus, her voice trembling, for trying to influence a second Irish referendum (update I now hear from parliament staff that she was objecting to leaflets not the speech) . – “Debate is a “recipe for chaos in our corridors”, she screeched. –“Please ensure that the bureau (the parliament’s administration) does not allow it to happen again.” (Telegraph)

Ifølge Mogens Camre – som selv var til stede – piftede man ad Klaus og flere udvandrede (Erdogan-style).Og det er denne forsamling man vil have os til at stemme på til sommer! – Godt jeg har min sofa!

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