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22 juli 2011

CNN fører smædekampagne mod Walid Shoebat

4 januar 2011

Jihad afsløret: Anjem Choudary – Walid Shoebat – Bakri – Saleem

Se hele showet her.

28 december 2010

Walid Shoebat – Ex-Terrorist explains the real motivations behind the Palestinian struggle

7 oktober 2010

Walid Shoebat on Christianophobia – “Why are we afraid of who we are?”

29 august 2010

Walid Shoebat om Ground Zero moskeen

10 juni 2007

Former terrorists Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem and Zak Anani speak at the Orange County, California campus.

Kamal Saleem spoke first and repeated his contention that America is still asleep after 9/11.

He cautioned the audience that

“There are over 45 assault camps in America training to carry out Allah’s will,” and explained how “Wahhabi lobbyists” that are funded by Saudi Arabia are promoting jihad in America.

Next up came Zak Anani who explained how he converted to Christianity and how by just converting his religion he had endured over a period of 18 years 20 attempts to take his life, both in Lebanon and even in America and Canada.

Shoebat then warned about the Muslim Students Union on 150 campuses in America, financed and led by Saudi Arabia that he considers a subversive jihadist movement that wants to indoctrinate the next generations of young Americans and urged the audience to resist its influence in America. He admonished the audience to “Never give in” and stand for appeasement in place of pro-actively fighting jihad in America.

Læs det hele på Assyrian International News Agency

28 august 2013

22 begrundelser til ikke at angribe Syrien

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Michael Snyder: theeconomiccollapseblog: 22 Reasons Why Starting World War 3 In The Middle East Is A Really Bad Idea

roadsign_thumbnailNu er det ikke ligefrem fordi jeg føler mig overbevidst om at et angreb på Syrien vil medføre tredje verdenskrig, men Michael Snyder har alligevel samlet en del gode begrundelser imod endnu krigsalliance med islamiske barbarer.

Her tillader jeg at copy/paste hans tekst:

While most of the country is obsessing over Miley Cyrus, the Obama administration is preparing a military attack against Syria which has the potential of starting World War 3.  In fact, it is being reported that cruise missile strikes could begin “as early as Thursday”.  

The Obama administration is pledging that the strikes will be “limited”, but what happens when the Syrians fight back?  What happens if they sink a U.S. naval vessel or they have agents start hitting targets inside the United States?  Then we would have a full-blown war on our hands.  

And what happens if the Syrians decide to retaliate by hitting Israel?  If Syrian missiles start raining down on Tel Aviv, Israel will be extremely tempted to absolutely flatten Damascus, and they are more than capable of doing precisely that.  And of course Hezbollah and Iran are not likely to just sit idly by as their close ally Syria is battered into oblivion.  

We are looking at a scenario where the entire Middle East could be set aflame, and that might only be just the beginning.  Russia and China are sternly warning the U.S. government not to get involved in Syria, and by starting a war with Syria we will do an extraordinary amount of damage to our relationships with those two global superpowers.  

Could this be the beginning of a chain of events that could eventually lead to a massive global conflict with Russia and China on one side and the United States on the other?  Of course it will not happen immediately, but I fear that what is happening now is setting the stage for some really bad things.


The following are 22 reasons why starting World War 3 in the Middle East is a really bad idea…

#1 The American people are overwhelmingly against going to war with Syria…

    Americans strongly oppose U.S. intervention in Syria’s civil war and believe Washington should stay out of the conflict even if reports that Syria’s government used deadly chemicals to attack civilians are confirmed, a Reuters/Ipsos poll says.

    About 60 percent of Americans surveyed said the United States should not intervene in Syria’s civil war, while just 9 percent thought President Barack Obama should act.

#2 At this point, a war in Syria is even more unpopular with the American people than Congress is.

#3 The Obama administration has not gotten approval to go to war with Syria from Congress as the U.S. Constitution requires.

#4 The United States does not have the approval of the United Nations to attack Syria and it is not going to be getting it.

#5 Syria has said that it will use “all means available” to defend itself if the United States attacks.  Would that include terror attacks in the United States itself?

#6 Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem made the following statement on Tuesday…

    “We have two options: either to surrender, or to defend ourselves with the means at our disposal. The second choice is the best: we will defend ourselves”

#7 Russia has just sent their most advanced anti-ship missiles to Syria.  What do you think would happen if images of sinking U.S. naval vessels were to come flashing across our television screens?

#8 When the United States attacks Syria, there is a very good chance that Syria will attack Israel.  Just check out what one Syrian official said recently…

    A member of the Syrian Ba’ath national council Halef al-Muftah, until recently the Syrian propaganda minister’s aide, said on Monday that Damascus views Israel as “behind the aggression and therefore it will come under fire” should Syria be attacked by the United States.

    In an interview for the American radio station Sawa in Arabic, President Bashar Assad’s fellow party member said: “We have strategic weapons and we can retaliate. Essentially, the strategic weapons are aimed at Israel.”

    Al-Muftah stressed that the US’s threats will not influence the Syrain regime and added that “If the US or Israel err through aggression and exploit the chemical issue, the region will go up in endless flames, affecting not only the area’s security, but the world’s.”

#9 If Syria attacks Israel, the consequences could be absolutely catastrophic.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is promising that any attack will be responded to “forcefully”…

    “We are not a party to this civil war in Syria but if we identify any attempt to attack us we will respond and we will respond forcefully”

#10 Hezbollah will likely do whatever it can to fight for the survival of the Assad regime.  That could include striking targets inside both the United States and Israel.

#11 Iran’s closest ally is Syria.  Will Iran sit idly by as their closest ally is removed from the chessboard?

#12 Starting a war with Syria will cause significant damage to our relationship with Russia.  On Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that the West is acting like a “monkey with a hand grenade”.

#13 Starting a war with Syria will cause significant damage to our relationship with China.  And what will happen if the Chinese decide to start dumping the massive amount of U.S. debt that it is holding?  Interest rates would absolutely skyrocket and we would rapidly be facing a nightmare scenario.

#14 Dr. Jerome Corsi and Walid Shoebat have compiled some startling evidence that it was actually the Syrian rebels that the U.S. is supporting that were responsible for the chemical weapons attack that is being used as justification to go to war with Syria…

    With the assistance of former PLO member and native Arabic-speaker Walid Shoebat, WND has assembled evidence from various Middle Eastern sources that cast doubt on Obama administration claims the Assad government is responsible for last week’s attack.

You can examine the evidence for yourself right here.

#15 As Pat Buchanan recently noted, it would have made absolutely no sense for the Assad regime to use chemical weapons on defenseless women and children.  The only people who would benefit from such an attack would be the rebels…

    The basic question that needs to be asked about this horrific attack on civilians, which appears to be gas related, is: Cui bono?

    To whose benefit would the use of nerve gas on Syrian women and children redound? Certainly not Assad’s, as we can see from the furor and threats against him that the use of gas has produced.

    The sole beneficiary of this apparent use of poison gas against civilians in rebel-held territory appears to be the rebels, who have long sought to have us come in and fight their war.

#16 If the Saudis really want to topple the Assad regime, they should do it themselves.  They should not expect the United States to do their dirty work for them.

#17 A former commander of U.S. Central Command has said that a U.S. attack on Syria would result in “a full-throated, very, very serious war”.

#18 A war in the Middle East will be bad for the financial markets.  The Dow was down about 170 points today and concern about war with Syria was the primary reason.

#19 A war in the Middle East will cause the price of oil to go up.  On Tuesday, the price of U.S. oil rose to about $109 a barrel.

#20 There is no way in the world that the U.S. government should be backing the Syrian rebels.  As I discussed a few days ago, the rebels have pledged loyalty to al-Qaeda, they have beheaded numerous Christians and they have massacred entire Christian villages.  If the U.S. government helps these lunatics take power in Syria it will be a complete and utter disaster.

#21 A lot of innocent civilians inside Syria will end up getting killed.  Already, a lot of Syrians are expressing concern about what “foreign intervention” will mean for them and their families…

    “I’ve always been a supporter of foreign intervention, but now that it seems like a reality, I’ve been worrying that my family could be hurt or killed,” said one woman, Zaina, who opposes Assad. “I’m afraid of a military strike now.”

    “The big fear is that they’ll make the same mistakes they made in Libya and Iraq,” said Ziyad, a man in his 50s. “They’ll hit civilian targets, and then they’ll cry that it was by mistake, but we’ll get killed in the thousands.”

#22 If the U.S. government insists on going to war with Syria without the approval of the American people, the U.S. Congress or the United Nations, we are going to lose a lot of friends and a lot of credibility around the globe.  It truly is a sad day when Russia looks like “the good guys” and we look like “the bad guys”.

What good could possibly come out of getting involved in Syria?  As I wrote about the other day, the “rebels” that Obama is backing are rabidly anti-Christian, rabidly anti-Israel and rabidly anti-western.  If they take control of Syria, that nation will be far more unstable and far more of a hotbed for terrorism than it is now.

And the downside of getting involved in Syria is absolutely enormous.  Syria, Iran and Hezbollah all have agents inside this country, and if they decide to start blowing stuff up that will wake up the American people to the horror of war really quick.  And by attacking Syria, the United States could cause a major regional war to erupt in the Middle East which could eventually lead to World War 3.

I don’t know about you, but I think that starting World War 3 in the Middle East is a really bad idea.

Let us hope that cooler heads prevail before things spin totally out of control.

16 januar 2011

Noget for DDR’s sportsredaktion?

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Muhammedanere er faktisk verdensmestre i visse sportsgrene – f.eks. kamelvæddeløb og børnemishandling:

Walid Shoebat Foundation: “A Child Slave Trade on the Arabian Peninsula: Boys as young as three are sold by their families, deprived of food and sleep, and forced to become jockeys for camel racing. They are held behind barbed wire in captivity and beaten into obedience – all for entertainment for the ruling Sheiks. Watch as the camels are fed the finest food and given luxury accomodations while the little boys are living off dried biscuits and water.

22 marts 2010


Så tror da pokker …

“Der er over hundrede citater af Muhammed, hvor han refererer til jihad med sværdet, ved drab, ved at tage fanger, ved tvangskonversion, ved at slavegøre – med kun et eneste citat, der refererer til indre kamp forlangt af Muhammed. Ofte drejer det sig om hele erobringen og besættelsen af den arabiske halvø”.

“Det er derfor et falsum, at jihad fremstiller en indre kamp;  jihad betyder netop det folkemord på vantro, som Osama Bin Laden kræver”

Oversat af Kirsten Damgaard fra Walid Shoebat : Why we want to kill you. 2007  p.157

OBS: Jeg er klar over, at oversættelsen kan lyde lettere haltende, men det skyldes, at Shoebats engelsk ej heller er helt flydende.

5 marts 2010

Mellemøsten på en dårlig dag

Jeg er ved at læse en bog fra 2007 “Why we want to kill you” af Walid Shoebat , tidligere islamisk ekstremist nu hoppet af.

Jeg synes lige I skal høre en passage om vores ende af verden : ( p.251 )

” I’ve seen the future of Eurabia, and it’s called Sweden. Malmø is the Swedens third largest city, after Stockholm and Gothenburg. Once peaceful Sweden, home of ABBA, IKEA and the Nobel Prize, is increasingly looking like the Middle East on at bad day “

Kirsten Damgaard, kulturpsykolog cand.pæd.psych.

25 januar 2010

Væddemål: Hvilken religion er ‘Fredens religion’?

It is blatantly wrong “to equate all of the Muslim religion to evil.” To say that is “tantamount to a former Baptist going to Saudi Arabia and equating all Baptists with abortion-doctor killers.”

So says Mr. J. Todd Foster, the managing editor of the Bristol Herald Courier, in a Nov. 8, 2009, article against me.

Can one even rightfully compare Evangelicals or Catholics to Muslims?

Here is my challenge to Foster: I am willing to go to the largest mass at the Vatican in Rome dressed up in Muslim garb with a Koran in hand if Foster agrees to go to the Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, with a visible cross around his neck. If Foster turns up unscathed I will pay him the sum of $15,000, apologize and repent publicly from saying anything against Islam or Muslims.


Can he even define what a peaceful religion is? If not, I am certain that I can contribute in this regard.

A peaceful religion is the type of religion that when criticized, its followers will pray for the critic. A religion of that sort is Christianity. A violent religion is one that when criticized, its followers reprimand the critic, saying “you’d better say that our religion is peaceful or else we will kill you.”

Skriver Walid Shoebat på TriCities.

2 december 2009

Vi har modtaget et brev.

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Frafaldne muslimer vil herefter af venstrefløjen blive kaldt RACISTER !

11856 Balboa Boulevard, #241
Granada Hills, CA 91344

For more information, contact Former Muslims United director Nonie Darwish

Former Muslims United Applauds Swiss Referendum Victory  Banning Minarets, “the Bayonets of Islam”
Nonie Darwish, executive director and co-founder of Former Muslims United (FMU) applauded the results of  a Swiss Republic referendum banning the construction of minarets among the approximately 150 Mosques serving 400,000 Muslims in Switzerland. Minarets are Muslim towers to call the faithful to prayers through loud speakers five times daily. These towers are symbols to both Muslims and non-Muslims of the Islamization of Europe, America and other Western democracies.
Ms. Darwish of FMU said: “the Swiss referendum victory  is the equivalent of banning what Turkish PM Erdogan called: ‘the bayonets of Islam.’ Supporters of a ban claim that allowing minarets would represent the growth of an ideology and a legal system – Sharia law – which are incompatible with Swiss democracy. The Swiss Referendum victory drew a red line  against Islamization in Europe.”
She also noted that “this referendum victory is a credit to Swiss citizens, especially women voters who viewed  construction of Minarets as leading to adoption of other  graphic elements of Sharia law including wearing of burkas in public by Muslim women.” Darwish also  pointed out that polls  taken after the victory in the Swiss Referendum in neighboring Germany indicated that a similar effort there might  win a plurality of votes.
Darwish added that “many Muslim groups are denouncing the ban as oppression to freedom of religion. However, such Muslim groups will be more credible if they first denounced the oppression of religious minorities in Muslim countries who make it illegal to practice any religion other than Islam. Muslim groups who claim that they are oppressed in Europe should be the first to stand up and yell “not in the name of my religion” when Churches are burnt in Muslim countries. But instead all we hear from  Muslim groups is “I am a victim” and “I am offended” while the blood of non-Muslims is being shed in the name of Sharia.
Former Muslims United is a US-based civil rights organization with the goals of seeking the protecting the human and civil rights of Apostates from Islam in accordance with the laws of the United States and its Constitution.
Co-founders of Former Muslims United
Nonie Darwish, Ibn Warraq, Amil Imani, Wafa Sultan,
Mohammed Asghar, Mano Bakh, Walid Shoebat

For more information on Former Muslims United go to formermuslimsunited.org

25 marts 2008

Hvad er det der med Google?

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Jeg har fået følgende link tilsendt fra TB:

ISLAMIC cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has returned to his hardline rhetoric with a call for followers to “beat up” Western tourists and for young Muslims to die as martyrs.

In the sermon, organised by an Islamic youth organisation and delivered a few kilometres from the home village of convicted Bali bombers Amrozi and Mukhlas, Bashir likened tourists in Bali to “worms, snakes, maggots”, and specifically referred to the immorality of Australian infidels.

The address was caught on video by an Australian university student.

Linket stammer fra The Australian der har Google som leverandør af annoncer. Nederst på siden med ovenstående artikel ser man følgende annoncer:


Muslimbridges-linket viser billeder af ‘Islamofober’ som Daniel Pipes og Walid Shoebat der kaldes ‘abusers’.

Samtidig har jeg fået tilsendt et andet tip fra Corolla, der skriver, at Google har fjernet ‘Fitna the Movie’ fra sine søgemaskiner. Historien stammer fra Frøken Sverige.


Jeg får dog selv 271.000 hits på Google, hvis jeg søger på filmens navn, men selve webstedet for filmen ganske rigtigt ud til ikke at dukke op.

Men hvad har Google egentlig gang i??

15 november 2006

Forsøg på undertrykkelse af ytringsfriheden om islam i USA

I USA har der været afholdt et symposium om den voldelige islamismes planer med deltagelse af blandt andre David Spencer, Wafa Sultan og Walid Shoebat

Flere af deltagerne i symposiet er på forhånd tilsyneladende blevet opsøgt af myndighederne og CNN med henblik på at fraråde dem at tale ved mødet.

Hvad tænker de amerikanske myndigheder på? Er vi ikke i krig imod islamismen?

Følg linket: Oplysninger, billeder, video og links.

9 september 2006

Tre forhenværende terrorister taler ud: The terrorist mindset

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Blandt andet om ‘The beautyfied Islam in the west’, indoktrineringen af børn i Dearborn USA, homegrown terrorists gennem de sidste 25 år.

“Bush har ret – tag kampen væk fra vores slagmark og over på deres”. “Flertallet i de muslimske lande støtter den radikale islam, som er ligesom nazismen.”

“Som frafaldne er USA det eneste land vi kan leve i. Skal vi leve i Frankrig? Skal vi leve i London?”

En af dem er Walid Shoebat: “Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian?”

20 august 2006

Amerikanernes frygt for islamo-fascismen truer måske Demokraternes muligheder ved næste præsidentvalg

I forbindelse med den kommende 5-årsdag for 9/11 har Investor’s Business Daily foretaget en meningsmåling i USA.

51% af amerikanerne mener, at militant islamisme ikke er en mindre trussel i det 21. århundrede end nazismen, kommunismen og fascismen var i det 20. århundrede.

63% er meget bekymrede for islamo-fascisternes ønske om at etablere et verdensherredømme.

58% tvivler på at forhandlinger og diplomati har nogen effekt i forbindelse med islamiske fascister.

58% mener, at Iran er hovedaktøren bag islamisk fascisme i Mellemøsten.

76% mener, at Iran må forhindres i at få kernevåben – for enhver pris.

En forhenværende palæstinensisk terrorist, Walid Shoebat, der optræder i dokumentarfilmen Obsession, der netop har haft premiere, udtaler, at den amerikanske venstrefløj, der benægter eksistensen af den årtier gamle islamo-fascisme “er selvmorderisk”. Han beskylder venstrefløjen for at sætte personlige politiske dagsordner fremfor USA’s bedste. “Vågn op og lugt til kaffen” siger han “Forstå at dette er en krig mod islamo-fascismen, der ingen respekt har for grænser og menneskeliv.”

Fra Detnews via Islamic Evil 

Det ser mere og mere ud til, at befolkningerne er lysår foran de politisk korrekte og Lame Stream Media i deres forståelse af, hvad der foregår i verden. Amerikanerne har måske heller ikke glemt Clintons reaktion på islamisk terrorisme mod amerikansk ejendom og liv – han havde ingen reaktion – sikke et signal at sende til fascisterne.

7 august 2006

Tre forhenværende terrorister taler ud: The terrorist mindset

Blandt andet om ‘The beautyfied Islam in the west’, indoktrineringen af børn i Dearborn USA, homegrown terrorists gennem de sidste 25 år.

“Bush har ret – tag kampen væk fra vores slagmark og over på deres”. “Flertallet i de muslimske lande støtter den radikale islam, som er ligesom nazismen.”

“Som frafaldne er USA det eneste land vi kan leve i. Skal vi leve i Frankrig? Skal vi leve i London?”

En af dem er Walid Shoebat: “Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian?”

25 juli 2006

Om den sande besættelse

Den sande okkupation er okkupationen af arabiske børns hoveder – der bliver opdraget til had.

Walid Shoebat – tidligere PLO-terrorist.

Læs mere om forberedelsen af de næste generationer for jihad

10 juli 2006

Så er den kommet

movie.pngRight now, through July 13, Islam: What the West Needs to Know is playing in Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. This web site gives more details.

The film opens with cries of “Allahu Akhbar!” and, after showing various world leaders proclaiming “Islam is a religion of peace,” then proceeds to segments with Robert Spencer, Serge Trifkovic, Walid Shoebat, Bat Ye’or, and Abdullah Al-Araby, as each of these individuals addressed various aspects of the Islamic threat which the West today faces.
Læs anmeldelserne på Infidel Bloggers Alliance

Og skriv evt til DR om at få den vist på TV.