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29 oktober 2014

Spinning a Terrorist Into a Victim – 5 afsnit om Rasmieh Odeh

It’s a government conspiracy. It’s the Israeli lobby.

Our 5-part series on Rasmieh Odeh’s pending immigration fraud trial and the campaign to turn her into a victim concludes by showing that, in order to win public support, her advocates try to make her case about anything but the fact that Odeh lied about her conviction in a Jerusalem terrorist attack that claimed two lives.

28 oktober 2014

Spinning A Terrorist Into A Victim – Part 1: Who Is Rasmieh Odeh

24 oktober 2014

Spinning a Terrorist Into a Victim

When she came to America 20 years ago, Chicago activist Rasmieh Odeh withheld critical information from U.S. immigration officials – information that likely would have prevented her from living here and ultimately becoming a citizen.

Odeh was given a life sentence, but served only 10 years in an Israeli prison, after being convicted in a 1969 terrorist bombing of a Jerusalem supermarket. The attack killed two college students.

Immigration forms asked if she had ever been arrested, convicted of a crime and served prison time. She said no in separate applications.

Prosecutors say those statements broke the law. Odeh faces a Nov. 4 trial date in Detroit for immigration fraud. Her indictment sparked an aggressive public relations campaign aimed at pressuring the government into dropping the charges. If anyone is at fault, they say, it is the state of Israel.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism has tracked that campaign for months. In a 5-part video series beginning Monday, we’ll take you inside, showing the strident anti-Israel tone and the allies who have joined Odeh’s fight. We also examine the evidence and hear from outraged relatives of one of her victims.

4 september 2017

Linda Sarsours terroristveninde fratages amerikansk statsborgerskab og udvises

An associate of Linda Sarsour and an organizer for the Women’s March – who is a convicted terrorist and murderer – was stripped of her citizenship and ordered to be deported from the United States on Thursday after lying to U.S. officials.

ODEHRasmieh Yousef Odeh (First name also spelled Rasmea), 70, lost her citizenship and will be removed from the U.S. for intentionally falsifying her U.S. citizenship documents after an in-depth investigation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), according to a statement from ICE.

Mere her

Det var ikke med vilje, at jeg kom til at glemme, at jeg havde myrdet to israelere og derfor ikke skrev det på visaet.

3 oktober 2014

Palæstinensisk hykleri i USA

Det var ikke med vilje at jeg kom til at glemme at jeg havde myrdet to israelere og derfor ikke skrev det på visaet

Her er en heks ved navn Rasmieh Yousef Odeh foran retsbygningen i Chicago.
Hun er anklaget for “immigration fraud”, fordi hun kom til at glemme at hun plantede en bombe i et supermarked
i Jerusalem i 1969, hvorved 2 mennesker blev dræbt.

Det er jo så nemt at komme til at glemme den slags småting …


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