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16 maj 2016

PKK skyder tyrkisk helikopter ned

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Kan du huske, da Tyrkiet skød en russisk jetjager ned, efter den havde være 20 sekunder i Tyrkiet?

Mon ikke de fryder sig lidt nu i Rusland, når/hvis de ser denne video (ca 1:50 min inde) …

Er der nogen af Hodjas læsere, der ved, hvilket land raketstyret kommer fra ?

Det ser russisk ud fra mig , men det er kun et gæt …

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13 oktober 2011

De ægyptiske myndigheder svindler med de døde kopteres dødsattester

A funeral service presided by Pope Shenouda III was held for the Copts killed in Maspero “October 9 Military Massacre.”, at 11 AM at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Abbasiya, Cairo, and was attended by over 10,000 Copts.

The funeral was for five Copts only, as the rest of the victims are awaiting for autopsies, on the advice of Coptic lawyers.

“This is to safeguard the rights of the dead,” said attorney Dr. Ehab Ramzy, “otherwise the families could lose their case. We need proof.”

After the funeral, while still inside the Cathedral, the enraged Copts chanted “down with the junta rule and down with Tantawi.”

According to priests and Coptic lawyers who were present at the Coptic Hospital, where the victims were brought, the death certificates issued by the authorities were misleading and did not reflect the true cause of death, which might let the assailants get away with the crime. Certificates showed the cause of death as being “stab wounds” and “cardiac arrest caused by fear.”

The families insisted on having the autopsies done, which were carried out on 17 bodies lying in the Coptic hospital. Independent doctors observed those who came from the Public Morgue to carry out the autopsies.

Dr. Maged Lewis, a director at the Forensic Medicine Institute, commented that he had never seen corpses in this deplorable state before.

“Bodies were mashed and bones were crushed; many had fractures and laceration of the intestines; while in others, death was caused by gun shots.”

Eyewitnesses reported the army disposed of nine bodies by throwing them in the Nile. Two bodies remain unidentified, making the number of killed uncertain.

On their way back after the burial the mourners were attacked by armed thugs who blocked the way and hurled Molotov cocktails at them; gun shots were heard. They sought shelter and called the army emergency phone line for help, they waited until the morning but no one came.

Det er rystende at se Verdenssamfundets holdning til massakren i Ægypten. Hvordan ville medierne reagere, hvis muslimer i et kristent land blev behandlet på samme måde som de kristne koptere i Ægypten? Hykleriet er totalt.

Læs også om enden på det ægyptiske forår.

9 oktober 2011

19 er dræbt under sammenstød mellem koptere og ægyptisk militærpoliti i Cairo

Værten i DDR2 Deadline i aften talte med den muslimske journalist Helen Hajjaj fra Dansk-Ægyptisk Dialogcenter om situtionen.

De var enige om, at de ikke havde den fjerneste ide om, hvorfor sammenstødene sker.

What began as a peaceful rally calling for justice over attacks on churches and radicalism, quickly turned into the most-violent episode since February’s revolution. Military vehicles are clearly seen charging through crowds and ploughing into people, while army infantry fired rubber bullets and tear gas. Witnesses claim the escalation was sparked by unconnected trouble-makers, but state-owned media blames Christian protesters for instigating the violence.

Video Shows Egyptian Police Beating a Christian Protester

Another Church in Egypt Attacked By Muslims

Egyptian Christian Girl Banned From School For Not Wearing a Veil

100,000 Christians Have Left Egypt Since March: Report

Family Fears for Their Lives If They Are Forced Back to Egypt

Abrogation in Islam and The Persecution of Christians

OPDATERING: DDR-P1-Morgen: Kontaktede her til morgen igen Helen Hajjaj, der udtalte, at kopterne er blevet forfulgt siden Hosni Mubarak blev afsat, idet kopterne støttede Mubarak på grund af at han holdt hånden over minoriteterne. Nå ja – der er også lidt optøjer engang imellem, når muslimerne brænder en kirke af. Iøvrigt påstod hun, at der var mange muslimer, der demonstrerede mod militærpolitiet i solidaritet med kopterne.

6 august 2011

Ægyptisk forår – men istid for kopterne

Ida Auken skrev forleden, at muslimer og kristne i Ægypten lever i fred og fordragelighed – hun burde kigge med her.

Auken er måske så historieløs, at hun ikke ved, at kopterne er Ægyptens oprindelige befolkning – nu en minoritet i deres eget land – fortrængt af muslimernes jihad. Måske skulle hun envidere konsultere en teologisk kollega.

Casual Hate: The Subtle Side of Christian Persecution

Christians in Eastern Turkey Worried Despite Church Opening

4 januar 2011

Angrebet på Kopterne i Alexandria

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19 november 2010

Muslimernes ydmygelser af de kristne koptere

1 november 2010

Ægypten: Islamister beskylder kristne koptere for……….islamisme

The persecution of Egypt’s Coptic minority is taking an ironic, and dangerous turn:

Islamist leaders are now projecting the worst traits of radical Islam onto Egypt’s Christians. A psychological phenomenon first described by Sigmund Freud, “projection,” is defined as “the attribution of one’s own ideas, feelings, or attitudes to other people.” As such, consider the following excerpt from this recent report:

In the last month various fundamentalist groups held ten demonstrations [in Egypt], each after coming out of mosques following Friday prayers, against the 86-year-old ailing Coptic Pontiff, in which he was accused of being a US agent, an abductor and torturer of female Muslim converts from Christianity, of stockpiling weapons in monasteries and churches to carry out war against Muslims, and of plans to divide Egypt to create a Coptic State.

All of these accusations are as inapplicable to the Coptic Church as they are applicable to Islamists. Let us first examine the context of these charges:

Læs det hele på AINA


Newspapers and TV channels in Arab countries gave a wide platform for Islamists to join in the campaign. It was on Al-Jezeerah TV Channel on September 15 that the Islamist and ex-secretary general of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, Dr. Selim Al-Awah, accused the Pope of running “a State within the Egyptian State” and the church of having its own militia and of hiding weapons and ammunition obtained from Israel in monasteries and churches, preparing for a war “against the Muslims,” to divide Egypt and establish a so-called Coptic State.

31 august 2010

Kopter: Det ville være interessant at se hvad der sker hvis Vesten behandler muslimer som de kristne bliver behandlet i Ægypten

Most Copts interviewed on the issue of the Ground Zero Mosque thought that even if Moslems had the right to build a mosque, it should be somewhere else, to save the victims families any pain.

Others thought the Muslim attitude was typical “They go to a country and want to take it over, making the best of democratic rights to their advantage, but when it comes to Islamic countries, matters are different, and they forget about the rights of others,” commented one young Coptic girl.

“Let Muslims experience the rage and frustration we have been going through for centuries, every time we want to build or repair a dilapidating church in our own country,” commented Coptic activist Mina Hanna, in what sounded like Schadenfreude. “It would be interesting to see what happens if the West decided to treat Muslims like Christians in Egypt.”

Mere på AINA

26 januar 2010

Angste ægyptiske koptere ‘afventer den næste katastrofe’.

There are warnings that the authorities must do more to deal with Christian grievances, including complaints about restrictions on building churches and a school curriculum focused on Islam.

“Nowadays everything is religious: the books in schools, the media. It’s all adding to the divisions felt by the lower classes especially,” reflects Amira, who also attends St Mary’s Church.

“If the government did more to address the root causes of frustration it could make things better but I don’t think that will happen. Instead when this hype dies down, things will probably go back to normal, until the next catastrophe.”

21 december 2009

Forelæsning: Koptere i Ægypten

Via Vlad Tepes

10 september 2009

Ægyptens koptere vil strejke i morgen

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In the last week of July a Coptic rights movement dubbed “Copts for Egypt,” using the social network Facebook as platform, called upon all Copts in Egypt to stage a general strike on September 11, which coincides with the Coptic New Year.

In its communiqué, which first appeared on the Facebook site, the group stated the action is meant to express the resentment of all Copts over the Egypt’s position on the repeated attacks on the homes and property of Copts because some of them have been used for religious observance.

The group members, wanting to remain anonymous, describe themselves as “Egyptians, pained by the divisions among the Egyptian rows, and being the ‘the voice of the voiceless” (the oppressed). Members of the group are Muslims and Christians.”


The liberal writer Mahmoud Zohairy believes that the Egyptian government is worried about a Coptic strike, as this would make Christians equal to the rest of the political and social forces in expressing their political and social demands and this poses a danger for the government. “Since the regime got accustomed to using the Christians as a security card at times, and as a political one at others, therefore this would endanger its survival and would ultimately speed up its collapse.” In his opinion the number of Christians in Egypt is not as small as rumored, hence the large number of Copts (estimated at 20,000,000 people) could line up in trade unions and associations to create a strong pressure lobby which would enable them to get their rights.


The Coptic New Year is the “Feast of Nayrouz,” when martyrs and confessors are commemorated. It is has been celebrated on September 11 of every year since 284 AD, the year Diocletian became Roman Emperor. His reign was marked by torture of Christians to force them to deny their faith, as well as by mass executions, especially in Egypt. The Coptic year is identified by the abbreviation A.M. (for Anno Martyrum or “Year of the Martyrs”). The feast is celebrated by millions of Copts globally every year.

Mere på AINA

Lad os se, om medierne overhovedet rapporterer om det. Hvis de strejkende havde været muslimer i et kristent land, såå……………………….

3 juni 2008

Ægyptens koptere

Det største kristne mindretal i Mellemøsten.

Klager over systematisk diskrimination og forfølgelse.

Kopterne – I ved – det der er tilbage af den oprindelige befolkning, efter Ægypten blev erobret af ‘fredens religion’. Den samme skæbne Europa står overfor.

6 oktober 2007

Kristne Koptere lever stadig i Ægypten – endnu

Discrimination Against Copts:

A recent report entitled “Discrimination at Work in the Middle East and North Africa” by the International Labor Organization (ILO), said that “One of the most resilient forms of discrimination is the targeting of Copts in Egypt, who are denied equal access to education and equal opportunities in recruitment and promotion. Very few are appointed to key positions in the Government or are candidates for parliament. Enrolment of Copts in police academies and military schools is restricted, and very few are teachers and professors.”(1)

4 august 2007

Kopterne er blevet forfulgt, tortureret og myrdet af muslimerne i 1400 år

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A report from the Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights concluded Coptic Christians in Egypt have been harassed, tortured and killed by Muslims for 1,400 years.

“They have been subjected to all kinds of hate crimes including, the abduction of young Coptic girls, the killing of Coptic women and children and the destruction of their places of worship,” the report concluded.

Two young boys ordered to take a school test that would result in their conversion to Islam wrote, “I am Christian,” on the exam papers, knowing in advance that could very well spell the end of their educations. Now a U.S.-based organization is lobbying for international pressure on Egypt to quit forcing Christians into such no-win situations.

“What brought the case to the public attention is the categorical refusal of the two kids to pass the Islamic exams and convert to Islam, stating, ‘they will not deny their Christianity and convert to Islam no matter what it would cost them,'” Sam Grace, a spokesman for Coptic News said.

Mere på WND


Mere: Persecution of Christians Increasing

2 januar 2007

Politikere: Lægehelikoptere skal kunne flyve døgnet rundt

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Det kommer bag på sundhedsordførerne i både Danske Folkeparti og hos De Konservative, at landets fire nye lægehelikoptere kun kan flyve, når det er lyst.

Da investeringen i helikopterne blev diskuteret var det ikke et emne, der blev bragt frem.

Årsagen til at helikopterne kun kan anvendes, når det er lyst, er at Danmark mangler detaljerede GPS-oplysninger, der fortæller om selv de mindste el-ledninger og forhindringer. Det gør det livsfarligt, at flyve om natten.

Mere på DR

Og det kommer bag på politikerne? Det burde de jo have fået at vide under de indledende forhandlinger. Det skete jo for eksempel i 1996, at en norsk lægebemandet redningshelikopter faldt ned i en fjord efter at have ramt en højspændingsledning (lægen ombord var iøvrigt dansker). Hvor ofte opdateres for eksempel Falcks GPS-navigationssytemer?

Og her ender problemerne jo ikke, hvor er der landingsmuligheder – for eksempel i bymæssig bebyggelse? Dårligt vejr. Og hvor mange gange i løbet af året sker der mere end en ting ad gangen i hver af de 4 helikopteres indsatsområde, det drejer sig jo trods alt om trafikuheld, blodpropper i hjerte og hjerne, hjertestop, bevidstløse, drukneulykker og andre ting, hvor hurtig kvalificeret indsats er livreddende.

Så hvor mange akutberedskaber er der i virkeligheden brug for? Og hvorfor er der ingen journalister, der stiller ovennævnte spørgsmål?

11 oktober 2016

Med Hillarys egne ord …

Hvis du ikke kan lide grov tale, skal du måske ikke læse den her

Denne artikel er taget direkte fra Synopsis-olsen og viser tydeligt, hvor hyklerisk vore medier er :

Trump kritiseres for lidt mande-hørm, men Hillary – som sædvanligt – ikke undersøges nærmere af medierne

Godt vi har blogs idag 🙂

tirsdag den 11. oktober 2016
Til sammenligning: Trumps udtalelser versus Hillarys
Hvis Trump er vulgær hvad er Hillary så?

Mark J. Fitzgibbons

Advarsel: Hvis du ikke bryder dig om vulgær tale – så hold inde med at læse resten.

– “Få så den Satans hund] væk fra mig,” sagt til Secret Service K-9 handler.

– “Hvor er det skide flag henne? Jeg vil have det skide flag hængt op hver morgen ved fucking solopgang.” Hillary til ansat ved guvernærpalæet i Arkansas på Labor Day 1991. Fra bogen “Inside the White House” af Ronald Kessler, s. 244.

– “Skrid for Helvede! Det er nok at se jer røvhuller hver dag! Jeg vil heller ikke tale med dig! Udfør dit skide arbejde og hold kæft.” Hillary til hendes State Trooper livvagter efter de havde hilst hende med et “Godmorgen.” Fra bogen “America Evita” af Christopher Anderson, s.90
Billedresultat for filthy mouth hillary
– “Hvis du ønsker at bevare dit job så få bevæget din beskidte røv herover og bær disse poser!” Hilary til en Secret Service Agent der var tøvende over at skulle bære hendes bagage, fordi han ønskede at have hænderne fri i tilfælde af en ulykke. Fra bogen “The First Partner” s. 25.

– “Bliv for Helvede væk, hold jer for Helvede væk fra mig! Kom ikke nærmere end 10 meter fra mig ellers! Gør for Helvede det jeg siger, OK!?” Hillary der skreg til hendes Secret Service hjælper. Fra bogen “Unlimited Access” af Clinton ‘s FBI Agent-in-Charge, Gary Aldridge, s.139.

– “Hvor er den elendige pikslikker?” (kendt som Bill Clinton) Hillary der råber til en Secret Service officer. Fra bogen “The Truth about Hillary” af Edward Klein, s. 5.

– “Din forbandede idiot,” Hillary til en State Trooper der skulle køre hende til et møde. Fra bogen “Crossfire” ~s.. 84.

– “Se så at få landet igen! Jeg glemte mine solbriller i limousinen. Jeg har brug for de satans solbriller! Vi skal bare tilbage!” Hillary til Marine One helikopterpilot der måtte vende om da den var på vej til Air Force One. Fra bogen ” Dereliction of Duty” s. 71-72

– “Hold så op Bill, gem så den pek væk! Du kan ikke duske hende her!!” Hillary til Guvernør. Bill Clinton da hun ser ham tale med en attraktiv kvinde. Fra bogen “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, s. 243.

Se: http://truthfeed.com/8-actual-hillary-quotes/8825/



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27 juli 2015

Israel har foræret Jordan 16 AH-1Cobra helicopter gunships til brug mod ISIS

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Jordan har i forvejen ca 24 af den slags helikoptere

Cobra AH-1

Israel har udfaset sine AH-1 til fordel for droner og den meget bedre AH-64 Apache

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17 februar 2015

Al Jazeera grebet i at svindle med fotos

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Fornylig skar ISIS-terrorister halsen over på 21 ægyptiske koptere(=kristne), som arbejdede i Libyen

De 21 kristne arbejdede i Libyen, hvor ISIS fangede dem og så myrdede dem. Ægte Islam.


Ægypten svarede med at bombe Isis mål i Derna, Libyen.

Og straks kom Al Jazeera ISIS til hjælp ved at bringe fotos, der skulle forestille børn dræbt af de ægyptiske fly:


Uheldigvis for Al Jazeera og ISIS, blev det snart opdaget af arabiske bloggere.

Billederne stammer ikke fra de ægyptiske bombardementer af Derna.

Billederne er flere måneder gamle og viser børn, der blev dræbt ved at inhalere røg.

med andre ord: ægte Al Jazeera “Pallywood” …

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse mere

Nyd oberst North direkte kommentarer om ISIS seneste mord ( på de 21 kristne) og Obamas manglende reaktion her:

NBCs Brian Williams “journalistik” ikke et enkeltstående tilfælde

Fornylig blev det afsløret at NBCs ankermand havde groft forskønnet sine historier fra Irak

Over en 10 årig periode forskønnede han sin indsats bl.a. ved at påstå at han var i en helikopter, der blev beskudt med en RPG.
Det var rent løgn. Han var i den næste helikopter, som også blev tvunget til at lande, men det var pga. en sandstorm.
Det blev afsløret , da amerikanske soldater omsider syntes at han havde forskønnet son historie for meget.

Nu viser det sig at han også “forskønnede” en historie fra Israel.
Han opsøgte et ægtepar fra en bosættelse, der havde mistet deres søn pga muslimsk terrorisme og ville interviewe dem.

De troede naturligvis at det skulle dreje sig om deres søn.

I virkeligheden ville Brian Williams lave en af de sædvanlige “bosættere er tossede og vild med våben” udsendelser, som så mange andre MSM- “journalister” elsker at lave .
Det fik det sørgende forældrepar bare ikke at vide.

Se historien her:

THe NBC anchorman

The Presstitutes

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4 januar 2015

Tror du en video, der viser IDF dræbe et arabisk barn ville komme i DR/TV2 ?

Selvfølgelig. Og videoen ville blive vist igen og igen (og igen ..)

Men hvad så med en video, der viser IDF, som REDDER et arabisk barn ?

Kommer den i DR ? Eller i TV2 ? Eller i CNN osv ?

Svaret er selvfølgelige et rungende NEJ.

Kun negativ progapanda mod Israel bringes i DR/TV2/andre MSM.

Så du må “nøjes” med at læse om det på blogs – men det er vel også derfor, du læser det her nu 🙂

Et arabisk 16 måneder gammelt barn fik noget slik galt i halsen og var lige ved at dø.
IDF-soldater gav barnet CPR (kunstig undedræt) og sørgede for at det kom til Hadassah hospitalet i Jerusalem med helikopter og reddede derved barnet liv.
I videon siger barnets palæstinensk-arabiske far tak for redningen af hans søn:

Her er et andet eksempel på virkeligheden, som aldrig afspejles i DR/TV2:

IDF soldier bandages Palestinian kid hit by rocks

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