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8 august 2017

Tyskland afskaffer sig selv

Germany, When Thilo Sarrazin had published his book “ Deutschland Schaft sich Ab” in 2010, was the majority of the German Political-Correct politicians in commotion.

How dare he to come out with a book like this one? A top politicians of the German Socialists (SPD), an Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank and previously a senator of Finance for the Sate of Berlin? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thilo_S… Sarrazin wanted in a scientific way including facts and statistics to warn Germany for the consequences of non western immigration.

The name of the book is reflecting exactly what is happening now : “Germany Eliminates Itself”. This compilation depicts very clearly the hazards that immigration of mostly illiterate migrants with totally different cultural background is bringing to the local society. The later zunami wave of asylum seekers that is flooding now the country with (tens) thousands of extremely dangerous criminals and terrorists completes the black scenario.

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