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27 juli 2017

NGOere importerer straffrit 100.000 vis af islamvasorer

Kaptajenen på Defend Europes skib C-Star er anholdt på Cypern for menneskesmugleri.

The allegations, which were strongly denied by the Defend Europe group which chartered the C-Star vessel, were the subject of a court hearing in Northern Cyprus on Thursday after five of the Sri Lankan crew claimed political asylum on the island.

The row, which was picked up liberal NGOs hostile to the Defend Europe project, saw the C-star’s captain and his deputy being arrested and detained on suspicion of forging documents after it was alleged that some of the Sri Lankan crew were travelling on false papers.

Det forlyder, at arrestationen var baseret på løgne fra NGO’erne, og at kaptajn og besætning er løsladt og skibet er atter på vej mod Catania, Sicilien.



Eksplosivt interview med kongresmedlem Mark Meadows

“Ja der var en regering, der blandede sig i valget for at få Hillary Clinton valgt – og det var den amerikanske!”

Via WikiLeaks: Pelosi May Have Known About Imran Awan

Don’t look to the mainstream media to tell you how troubling the situation with the Awan brothers is. It’s worse than you think. After Imran Awan was arrested this week for trying to flee the country, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange reminded his 279,000 Twitter followers of an email link between Imran Awan and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Democratic IT Aide Allegedly Stole House Democrats’ Laptops; Wasserman Schultz Fights The Police. What The Hell Is Going On?

7 Things You Need To Know About Arrested Democratic Staffer Imran Awan.
The biggest name you’ve never heard of.

4. Why Aren’t The Media Reporting This Story? Thus far, only Politico amo­ng the mainstream media news outlets has covered the Awan story. Nothing from ABC News. Nothing from NBCNews.com. Nothing from CNN. Nothing from The New York Times. That’s pretty stunning, considering the potential scope of the story. One suspicion: are mainstream outlets concerned that perhaps Awan might be in some way connected to DNC leaks that damaged Democrats, or that will do so in the future?

This is a major story. We’re just beginning to learn the ramifications. It’s certainly bizarre that it’s being buried by mainstream outlets.



Hvad skete der Hillary?

‘Wellfare-queen’ enlig mor til 3 praler af at ‘voldtage samfundet’

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