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6 juli 2017

Stefan Molyneux punkterer myten om Allende og Pinochet

Geert Wilders og PVV protesterer mod udnævnelsen af en muslimsk borgmester i Arnhem

Achmed Marcouch is a politician of Moroccan origin.

He was born in Beni-Boughafer in the North of Morocco. His father came to the Netherlands as a guest worker. Marchouch had arrived in the Netherlands in 1979 within the framework of family unification.. He is an orthodox Muslim, who’s coming out for Islam and Islamic values. He was from 2010 until 2017 a MP for the Dutch Socialists. Before that he was de first Islamic chairman of the Socialist Party (PvdA) in the Amsterdam suburb Slotervaart. He was also coordinator youth and security. He was also a Police brigadier in the District Amsterdam-Amstelland.
He had lost his sit in the Dutch parliament (Tweede-Kamer) in the last election in which the socialist PvdA had lost nearly 60% of it’s electorate. The nomination as the mayor of Arnhem, reveals, AGAIN!, the rolling plan of increasing Islamisation of the Netherlands that is powered by our own politicians.

He was elected by the city council out of 21 other candidates. Though, regarding his background, his nomination can be described as doubtful. He is known as a orthodox Muslim and a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood; especially of the questionable Egyptian scholar Yusuf al Qaradawi. At the time he was the Socialists (PvdA) chairman in one of the Amsterdam districts he had worked on a project to transform the suburb Bos and Lommer into an official Muslim suburb.

In 2005 he had intended to bring one of the top spiritual leaders of the Muslims Brotherhood in Britain for a lecture to Amsterdam. Costs: 150.000 Euro that will be subsidized by the citizens of Amsterdam. The plan was cancelled due to the high costs.

Polen elsker Trump

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EUs syge “asylpolitik”: hvem har i virkeligheden fordel?

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The EU’s absurd asylum policy has enormous human costs and also endangers American lives. Who benefits?

Didsbury moskeen: BBC nægtede at bringe dette interview

Caolan Robertson updates TheRebel.media’s reports on extremist messages from the Didsbury Mosque, attended by the Manchester concert bomber.

The BBC interviewed a local man who has collected these pamphlets — then didn’t air it…

Stop Hate: Close Didsbury Mosque

CNN producer Jimmy Carr: “Jeg sagde ikke noget forkert!”

Tucker om Maxine Waters

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“Stakkels” MSM : udsat for “twitter terrorisme” …

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Hvor er det dog synd for dem at de bliver afsløret …

Ingen lan klyke så højt og så meget og så ynkeligt som MSM …

Taget herfra

“USA har kun to muligheder for a stoppe Nordkorea”

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Siger Charles Krauthammer – og jeg er bange at han har ret !

USA kan/skal ikke satse på russisk/kinesisk hjælp : den kommer ikke