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3 maj 2017

Soros støtter Det Muslimske Broderskab i Europa

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An article on Dutch website GeenStijl highlighted a list of happy receivers of George Soros subsidies.

Calling Soros a “billionaire with a dubious morality,” the article starts with his failed attempt to influence Dutch public opinion by ‘investing’ $119.252 in Joshua Livestro’s platform to garner support for the EU-Ukrainian association agreement. Even though the outcome of the referendum was largely ignored, the ‘yes’-campaign was a resounding failure.

In Germany, Soros funded organisations might be more successful – even if, or because, of their association with effective, though morally dubious partners. For example, Soros funded INSSAN E.V., which according to the Open Society list of Grantees “empowers Muslims and advocates against anti-Muslim hatred and Islamphobia (sic)“.

But INSSAN is also in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Uran opruster massivt med penge de har fået af Hussein Obama

Iran is using the billions in cash resources provided under the landmark nuclear deal to engage in an unprecedented military buildup meant to transform the Islamic Republic’s fighting force into an “offensive” juggernaut, according to a largely unreported announcement by Iranian military leaders that has sparked concern among U.S. national security insiders and sources on Capitol Hill.

Iranian officials announced late last month that Iran’s defense budget had increased by 145 percent under President Hassan Rouhani and that the military is moving forward with a massive restructuring effort aimed at making it “a forward moving force,” according to regional reports.

Iranian leaders have stated since the Iran deal was enacted that they are using the massive amounts of cash released under the agreement to fund the purchase of new military equipment and other armaments. Iran also has pursued multi-million dollar arms deals with Russia since economic sanctions were nixed as part of the deal.

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Europa 2017


TV-Værten Stephen Colbert til Trump: “Det eneste din mund kan bruges til er som pikhylster for Putin”

Stephen Colbert Demolishes Trump for Insulting ‘Face the Nation’ Host John Dickerson

“Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine,” the host continued. “You have more people marching against you than cancer. You talk like a sign-language gorilla that got hit in the head.” And then the kicker: “In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.”

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Man kunne fristes til at skrive noget i samme boldgade om journalister og Hillary Clinton, men jeg afstår.

Tommy Robinson konfronterer journalist der kalder ham ‘white supremacist’

After the Guardian published an article calling me a “white supremacist,” I decided to find the author and ask her why she thought it was OK to call me that.

This journey led me to Quilliam, a “counter-extremist” organisation in London where the author was employed as a full time senior researcher.

When we stepped into the office we were immediately attacked both physically and verbally.

Quilliam has since published a press release about what happened.

Ben Carson: Karaktermord på sean Hannity på vej

Hannity May Be ‘Murdered’ Like O’Reilly, Author Warns

HOROWITZTop Fox News host Sean Hannity may soon face a liberal media firing squad, bestselling author David Horowitz warns conservatives.

Horowitz says the recent media hit job on Bill O’Reilly was nothing less than “cold-blooded murder” by liberal outlets that desperately want to stop Donald Trump.

“I predicted all this in my book ‘Big Agenda,’” Horowitz says. “The CNNs of the world hate Trump, but they know they have to kill off his few media allies like O’Reilly and Hannity first.”

Horowitz first warned of the game plan to stop Trump in his runaway bestseller “Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America.”

Despite “Big Agenda” being a #1 Amazon bestseller and spending 10 weeks at the top of the New York Times list, Horowitz says all of the major media outlets have banned him from their shows.

“They’re afraid of me and what I have to say because I am exposing their dark agenda,” Horowitz says.

And that’s why he’s warning Hannity is next.

In fact, a top New York Times reporter just appeared on MSNBC and revealed their plan.

Here’s what the Times reporter actually said: “I think you have to look at somebody like Sean Hannity and question whether or not his almost propaganda-like attitude and programming every night is going to be acceptable . . .”

Hannity’s crime?

As the Washington Examiner put it, Hannity is Trump’s “biggest champion” in the media.

In “Big Agenda,” Horowitz claims far-left groups began funding an effort to use all the levers they could pull — big media, academia, government insiders, Democratic front groups — to stop Trump’s conservative plan to drain the swamp and save America.

A key part of the plan, he says, has been to “take out” Trump allies in the media and conservative circles.

“They dredged up years-old, unsubstantiated allegations to torpedo O’Reilly,” Horowitz argues, noting that the influential TV host was a voice for honesty in the media and a defender of Donald Trump as well.

Hannity is being blindfolded right now and prepared for execution by the liberal media firing squad, Horowitz argues.

Horowitz says every American needs to help President Trump and get “Big Agenda.”

Here’s why: “Big Agenda” is the first book to expose the media for operating as a political force, an adjunct of the Democratic Party, to stop President Trump.

In “Big Agenda” Horowitz names names and reveals their plot to destroy Trump.

Horowitz also was the first to share Trump’s “secret plan” to take back America and drain the swamp in Washington during his first 100 days.

In fact, Horowitz has detailed 21 major moves President Trump was going to take — and already 11 have come true!

Now, in “Big Agenda,” Horowitz says the White House will reveal a major offensive against the liberal establishment right after the first 100 days — which he calls “Phase Two.”

The Trump plan has three major phases, Horowitz says.

You might be shocked about Phase Two. It includes a major war Trump will actually begin, one that will decimate a certain group and demonstrate America’s resolve like no other.

You really need to get “Big Agenda” today!

“Big Agenda” has been hailed by leading conservatives.

Rush Limbaugh has said “Big Agenda” provides a true “winning agenda” for President Trump.

Ann Coulter says all conservatives must “arm themselves” with “Big Agenda.”

Lou Dobbs says “Big Agenda” is “highly recommended” and Mike Reagan calls it the “most important book” of the Trump presidency.

Make sure you get your copy today!

Horowitz says several major “big shoes” will soon be dropped by Trump that will send shockwaves through the establishment. It’s all in the book!

“No president since FDR and his famed ‘100 Days’ has the chance Donald Trump has,” Horowitz argues.

But he writes that the GOP and Trump must recognize that they are not just fighting policy ideas, but an ideology — a progressive one with a radical agenda to stop Trump in an effort to reduce America’s power and greatness.

Now even President Trump agrees with David Horowitz — Obama won’t go away!

That’s why we must do everything we can to help our president!

Fra Ben Carson Nyhedsbrev

CNN “factchecker” igen det rene vrøvl

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Mark Dice gør rede for tåbelighederne:

her er Trump reklamen, som CNN nægtede at bringe !

Jeg troede ellers at CNN kæmpede så kraftigt for ytringsfriheden …

Men uha-da-da : ordene FAKE-NEWS vil CNN ikke bringe i en reklame …

Ynkelige CNN:

CNN bringer meget gerne en totalt udokumenteret løgnehistorie om at Trump skulle have betalt russiske ludere for at tisse på en seng, hvor Obama havde sovet i Moskva

Men når Trump svarer igen med – helt korrekt – at kan CNN og andre for fake news, så må det ikke bringes …

CNN = Crap Network fake News

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Ledelsen på Berkeley Universitet bad politiet forlade stedet

Så konservative kunne få tæsk af terroistorganisatione Antifa !

Jeg ved at Trump har travlt, men han må tage sig tid til at gøre noget ved dette forsøg på af fjerne ytringsfriheden …

Jo længere Trump venter, jo værre bliver det

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Glimrende indlæg af Bent Jensen om mediernes krig mod Trump

Bent Jensen er altid værd at læse !

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