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1 maj 2017

Medierne bliver ved med at kalde le Pen ‘højrenational’ eller som Radio 24/7 i dag ‘højreradikal’

Men som et interview med New York Times fra 2011 viser er sandheden helt anderledes.

Signaling a clear break from her father and the right in general, she has come out with a detailed critique of capitalism and a position promoting the state as the protector of ordinary people.

“For a long time, the National Front upheld the idea that the state always does things more expensively and less well than the private sector,” she told me. “But I’m convinced that’s not true. The reason is the inevitable quest for profitability, which is inherent in the private sector. There are certain domains which are so vital to the well-being of citizens that they must at all costs be kept out of the private sector and the law of supply and demand.” The government, therefore, should be entrusted with health care, education, transportation, banking and energy.

When I pointed out that in the U.S. she would sound like a left-wing politician, she shot back,

“Yes, but Obama is way to the right of us,” and opined that proper government oversight would have averted the American financial crisis.

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  1. Jeg tror ikkke det afholder ret mange folk fra at stemme på hende hun er for offentlig finansiering og styring af nævnte områder. Det er synspunkter der er udbredte langt ind i nominelt borgerlige kredse.


    Kommentar af Peter Buch — 2 maj 2017 @ 07:30

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