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7 marts 2017

Mark Levin Kicks Liberal Media’s Ass On Their Own Trump Wire Tap Reporting – Sean Hannity

Mark Levin: Obama Knew About Alleged Trump Wiretaps ‘Unless He’s Helen Keller’

– Radio host Mark Levin said Monday that it’s all but assumed that former President Barack Obama knew about campaign-season wiretaps of Trump Tower, as reported in several news outlets. Levin, a former chief of staff to Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese, said that if a FISA court warrant was secured, as reported, Obama was either told in his daily intelligence briefings or was given a “heads-up” by someone else.

Mark Levin: ‘Donald Trump Is the Victim’ in Alleged Obama Wiretapping Scandal

‘This Is McCarthyism’: Trump Tweets Obama Had ‘Wires Tapped’ Inside Trump Tower

He also said, citing several reports that numerous agencies within the Justice Department, intelligence community and Treasury Department were investigating the intelligence reports.

“I assume Obama knew something unless he’s Helen Keller,” Levin said. “That’s a hell of a lot of agency resources.”

Levin said by tweeting about the reports that accumulated over the past several months, President Trump has caused the media to “pivot” from alleging contact between his campaign and the Russians to deciding whether the Obama administration was involved in collecting the information that led them to their previous reportage.

“The media is confounded and confused,” Levin said, “If former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says there was no FISA order, then what the hell are we talking about?”

Levin said the media was initially concerned with whether Trump associates had nefarious contact with the Russians.

“Now they’re saying we didn’t have a FISA warrant,” he said.

“If I’m reading these news reports, we have a runaway executive branch, and today the media doesn’t appear to know,” Levin said, demanding that the FISA order and warrants, be released to Congress.

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