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6 marts 2017

BBC – Sig sandheden om shariah

Due to on-going government inquiries, the BBC has recently covered sharia councils in the UK.

During debates and discussion on the issue, BBC presenters did not mention the fact that sharia law has been declared, by the European Court of Human Rights, as

“wholly incompatible” with human rights and democratic principles; due overwhelmingly to its treatment of women. Nor has the BBC provided significant details about sharia law, such as that it allows men to use physical force against their wives, mothers have no rights over children, and a woman’s word is worth less than a man’s.

Moreover, secular or Islam-critical voices have not been included in these debates.
As licence-fee payers, we demand that the BBC provide complete coverage of this important matter and to fully inform the public. We also demand that those who believe in a single democratic law for all are given every opportunity to object to sharia councils, for whatever reason, and that our voices be heard. It is not for Muslims alone to determine whether or not the United Kingdom accommodates sharia law, or what form that should take.

Underskriftindsamling her og mere hos Anne Marie Waters

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