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16 februar 2017

Virgil: The Deep State Bumps Off General Flynn.

Who’s the Next Target?

The Deep State has done its dirty work, getting rid of Michael Flynn, the now-former national security adviser to President Trump.  And so the MSM, having taken direction—even dictation—from the Deep State, is moving in for the kill.  The ultimate target, of course, is Trump himself.

And another MSM-er, Eli Lake of Bloomberg News, went even further, bluntly entitling his piece, “The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn.” Lake observed that what we’re seeing now is what we see in police states, where the government security apparatus is a sword against its own people, not a shield against foreign enemies.

As for how all this might end if the Deep State domination continues, Lake approvingly quoted Rep. Nunes: “First it’s Flynn, next it will be Kellyanne Conway, then it will be Steve Bannon, then it will be Reince Priebus.” To which Lake added, “Flynn is only the appetizer. Trump is the entree.”

Interestingly, Trump himself read Lake’s piece and tweeted praise:

Thank you to Eli Lake of The Bloomberg View – “The NSA & FBI . . . should not interfere in our politics . . . and is” Very serious situation for USA

Yes, it’s a very serious situation for America.  The Deep State can now claim a Trump administration scalp.  And it’s hungry for more—a lot more.   

Læs det hele her.

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