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23 december 2016

For The Family Of Lukasz Urban

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For the wife and family of Polish truck driver Lukasz Urban, murdered in Germany 19th December 2016

My name is David Duncan and I have set up this gofundme page to raise some money to help the family of Lukasz Urban.

Although I did not know Lukasz, the story of his untimely departure shocked and disgusted me, and I cannot comprehend how his family feel at this awful time. So, as a fellow trucker, I decided ro reach out to the trucking community and beyond to help in some small way.

No amount of money will bring Lukasz back, but hopefully it will help his family do what ever they need to do.

I am working closely with gofundme support to make sure all funds reach Lukasz’s family

One of Lukasz Urban’s colleagues said he was so dedicated to his work that he probably defended the vehicle ‘to the end’.

RIP Lukasz…..from The Truckers of The UK and beyond’

Man kan donere her.

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  1. Well done, Luke. Rest in peace. He is the Polish Charles Arthur Poland! Poland is the busdriver in the United States. Despite Poland’s last name, he is not Polish, but Urban, is Polish.


    Kommentar af V.E.G. — 27 december 2016 @ 23:51

  2. The title should be called due to Lukasz’s heroism, “Crying with Poland.”


    Kommentar af V.E.G. — 27 december 2016 @ 23:56

  3. Ironically, the place Luke died a hero in Germany, the place he lived in is once German territory! Best of both worlds! Tonight, “it is Crying with Germany and Poland.”


    Kommentar af V.E.G. — 29 december 2016 @ 17:41

  4. There are other list of big men are heroes:
    Daniel Louis Parmenter
    Gerald Eugene Read (possibly)
    Gregory Read (Australian, big man)


    Kommentar af V.E.G. — 1 marts 2017 @ 23:24

  5. Lukasz Urban was a big man.


    Kommentar af V.E.G. — 1 marts 2017 @ 23:40

  6. Also, Treven Taylor Anspach is a big man.


    Kommentar af V.E.G. — 17 marts 2017 @ 17:40

  7. Also, Tommy Vaughn is a big man. Also, Gary Michael Joy is a big man.


    Kommentar af V.E.G. — 17 marts 2017 @ 17:42

  8. Lukasz Robert Urban is the Polish Hoss Cartwright. Hoss is from Bonanza.


    Kommentar af V.E.G. — 15 august 2017 @ 23:24

  9. Another big man with a big heart: Jack Reginald Beaton. Beaton died a hero saving his wife. He is the Hoss Cartwright of Las Vegas.


    Kommentar af V.E.G. — 5 oktober 2017 @ 18:46

  10. So does, Kurt Von Tillow. Tillow’s ancestry is where is now Poland.


    Kommentar af V.E.G. — 16 oktober 2017 @ 19:21

  11. So, does Ronald Casey. He is a big man with a big heart. He is the Hoss Cartwright of Video Games!


    Kommentar af V.E.G. — 28 august 2018 @ 23:46

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