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13 december 2016

Senatsmedlem i Berlin Sawsan Chebli: Shariah er absolut kompatibel med tysk lovgivning

Speaking on the 2nd German public television, ZDF a Muslim politican of Palestinian origin, Sawsan Chebli openly said:

“My father is a pious Muslim, hardly speaks German, can neither read nor write, but he is like a true Prussian German more integrated than many functionaries of the AfD who question our constitution”. – she is telling the German public, “We Muslims are better Germans that patriotic, perhaps “Christian” Germans. We are ONE spiritually”. The ignorant studio guests were applauding. UNBELIEVABLE!

Islamic Headscarf as a “religious duty” and there should be no problem with those who choose to wear one.

Berlin senate’s new Muslim secretary of state claims Sharia “absolutely compatible” with German law

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