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12 november 2016

Årets demokratisk-parti-mor i USA !

Smider 10-årig dreng ud for at have stemt på Donald trump !

Hun har ikke fortjent at have børn !

Man tror det er løgn – sikke en “sød” mor

Venstrefløjsere viser deres sande demokratiske sindelag

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‘So who’s going to assassinate Trump?’ Twitter erupts with calls for the Donald to be killed after he wins the election

Twitter has erupted with users making death threats against Donald Trump since he was elected to become the next president of the United States
‘So who’s going to assassinate Trump at his inauguration?’ one Twitter user demanded to know
Others also called for the death of vice president-elect Mike Pence
Sources close to the Secret Service said the agency was monitoring the situation and had seen a spike in threats since election day
They said that ‘every threat is taken seriously’ as it’s likley that those posting will be investigated
The Secret Service has a history of investigating threats against people making threats on Twitter
Security has been bumped up around Trump’s New York home including a no-fly zone and concrete posts around Trump tower

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