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5 november 2016

Højre- og venstreorienterede filosoffer for Donald Trump

In this video Vlogidentitär looks at some of the most interesting endorsements of Trump for POTUS.

One comes from Slavoj Zizek, one of the most famous new marxist thinkers in Europe.
The other comes from Alexander Dugin, an influential thinker of the New right and a former personal adviser of Putin.

Both endorsements have one thing in common: they understand, that Trump stands for the REAL Revolution.
Not only against corruption, collusion and biased media, bust against the ruling ideology of our time: Globalism and Universalism.

Trump, Brexit, Hofer, AfD, FN, the alt Right- all of those movements show the awakening of a counsciousness within the western world among the european peoples: we are losing our countries.

But now many are fighting back and standing up for their identity. On the streets, as well as in the elections. Our mission can only succeed, if we not only fight for our Homlands and Identities but for a real revolution against globalism, a free, multipolar and ethnopuralistic world.

Make America great again and make Europe great again also means:

Make the world free again!

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