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2 november 2016

De ‘uafhængige’ europæiske forbrugerorganisationer (BEUC) og hermed det danske Forbrugerrådet Tænk understøttes af storspekulanten George Soros

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While BEUC attempts to portray its analysis as trustworthy and independent, the fact is that, over the last financial years, the lobby group has been supported by billionaire currency speculator George Soros and the Brussels EU.

Stating that it represents and defends the interests of European consumers, BEUC professes to investigate Brussels EU decisions likely to affect them.

Over the last financial years BEUC has been supported by the so-called Open Society Foundations, the international grantmaking network set up by currency speculator George Soros.

A multibillionaire investor with a long history of engaging in morally dubious currency speculation schemes, Soros’ alleged role in sparking the 1997 Asian economic crisis led to a group of southeast Asian countries calling for him to be prosecuted as a criminal.

Convicted of insider trading in France for buying and selling Société Générale shares in 1988 after allegedly receiving information about a planned corporate raid on the bank, Soros has also invested heavily in the pharmaceutical industry over the years, buying large holdings in companies.

Mere her.

Hvilke interesser har Soros i at støtte europæiske forbrugere? Mere om Soros her.

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