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7 september 2016

FRONTEX: Verdens dyreste Taxi selskab

FRONTEX is the most expensive taxi service in the world.

Instead of limousines, it uses modern naval ships that offer the passengers a cosy journey, medical care and a good Hallal cuisine on board.

It is collecting passengers who are making the cross over from the shores of Libya to Europe and praying to their god Allah for the take over on due course. They start their journey on wrecked trawlers and rubber boats. TAXI SERVICE FRONTEX takes it, after some sea miles over, and help them to have a more convenient journey to the shores of Italy.

The service costs the European tax payers (the future victims) billions of Euro’s. This jolly service was established by the EU. It’s goal was to protect hundred millions of European citizens from the zunami of mostly Islamic intruders who are flooding the continent under pretense they are refugees.

Like all EU previous activities, this one had failed too. It had become a devil’s instrument in service of the enemy.

Look at the passengers on the vessel and you know what horror they are bringing with them.

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