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1 september 2016

Bulgarian Migrant Hunter Brag With His New Expensive Mercedes

The 29 year old Bulgarian migrant hunter, Dinko Valev, brags with his brand new Mercedes S-Class Coupe.

Dinko posted a video on his facebook account, showing him inside the car, listening to the song of Svetlana Raznjatovic – Ceca, the widow of notorious war criminal Zeljko Raznatovic – Arkan killed 16 years ago.

Dinko is thanking his fans and says:” There should be fans, because without fans, man is nothing. I love you, because without you this does not work”

Before posting the video, local media reports that Dinko write on his Facebook account one more thanking note: ” “I thank God for giving me the opportunity to buy it. I wish accident-free driving”

Local media are reminding that it is still unknown what Dinko does for living. Refer to the website of the dealer Mercedes the prices of Dinko’s model starts with about 165,000 Levs or 73 200 GBP and the most expensive configuration is around 485 000 Bulgarian lev or 215 000GBP.

Recently Dinko was offered to be a participant in a Bulgarian reality show “VIP Brother” for 150 thousand lev or 66 500GBP.

Dinko from the city of Yambol located in the southeastern Bulgaria, became internationally known after the video he posted on his Facebook account, showing the illegal arrest in March.

On the video migrants among them children and women are forced to lie on the ground on Dinko’s and his group command.

After the video, a self-styled bounty hunter has been slammed by the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights after organising vigilante groups to patrol the border and hunt down illegal immigrants.

Soon after the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has weighed in on the side of a self-styled refugee bounty hunter and thanked him for the work in detecting illegal immigrants.

Borisov said of the immigrant bounty hunters “I personally have talked to them and thanked them. I sent the director of the Bulgarian border policed to meet with them, so they can coordinate what they do. At the end of the day, the country is ours and we should be united.”

Two months ago the Bulgarian State Agency for National Security have warned him that he is being targeted by the terrorists.

ISIS offered a 50,000 USD reward to anyone who kills a Bulgarian bounty hunter who has been rounding up illegal immigrants trying to get into Europe.

The agent said he was on a list of names for which ISIS was offering a bounty with payment being made once a video or picture confirming the deed had been provided.

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