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30 august 2016

Identitäre Bewegung aktionerer på Brandenburger Tor i Berlin – Sikre grænser – sikker fremtid

Besetzung Brandenburger Tor – Sichere Grenzen – Sichere Zukunft

15 members of the Identitarian Movement in Germany climbed the Brandenburg Gate to unveil a huge banner that read “Secure Borders – Secure Future” on Saturday. In their biggest publicity stunt so far, they successfully gained the attention German mainstream media and locally distributed leaflets that informed the public of the dangers of Islamization. The Identitarian movement rightly accuses the Merkel government of deliberately replacing the German people with foreigners – one of their mottoes is to stop the “Great Replacement” of Europeans with Arabs and Africans by the means of mass immigration coupled with low birth rates among natives.

The Islamization of Europe and especially Germany has been rapidly accelerating ever since Merkel effectively opened the borders to the entirety of the 3rd world, resulting in an unrelenting storm of illegal mass immigration with millions of migrants streaming into the country, causing havoc and devastation.

Despite the fact that “Secure borders and a secure future” should be the the very foundation of a sovereign country, their banners have been labelled “right wing extremist” with many newspapers defaming them as Nazis. They were arrested for illegally assembling and trespassing.

Identitäre Bewegung Deutschland

Identitäre på Facebook


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