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28 august 2016

Politi chikane: Tommy Robinson og hans familie smidt ud fra pub uden grund

Re-edited version of Tommy Robinson and his kids being thrown out of Cambridge by the UK Police.

Tommy’s legal defence fund

Buy his book too, that also helps

The politicisiation of the Police force. Politicops.

Extra details and explanatory videos added.

Astonishing video.

Story as I understand it right now: Tommy was in Cambridge with friends and kids, 3 adults and 7 kids. Police for no adequately explained reason decided to force them all out of the pub they were watching football in because of some future threat of something violent happening. It’s not explained properly.

Police throw Tommy Robinson and his 3 friends and their CHILDREN out of a pub where they’ve been peacefully watching football on TV.

The Pub security staff even tell the police that there has been no trouble from Tommy’s party. Tommy’s kids are crying by the end of this.

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