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19 august 2016

Forestil jer det var hvide der opførte sig sådan!

“Beat up every white Person, Black Power!” – Black Lives Matter in Milwaukee hunts White Americans.

In this amateur footage “Black Lives Matter” protesters repeatedly call to hunt down, beat and kill white people while shouting “Black Power” during the riots in Milwaukee on the Night of August the 13th. The BLM activists set the BP gas station at Sherman and Burleigh on fire, robbed, burnt down and smashed multiple cars and purposefully searched for white people to assault. In the first clip you can hear them calling to “jump every white person” and that “no white people are allowed in Sherman” before going on a hunt for for them on the street.

One of them orders his followers to drag a driver out of his car to “smash him” after it was confirmed that he is indeed white. As the mob roams the street to look for more victims, a woman fiming the scene says that “this is nothing to joke about, they’re beating up a white ‘bitch’ for no reason”.

Armored police vehicles moved in, at various occasions you can hear gunshots.

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  1. Jeg fatter ikke at politiet ikke skyde dette rådne pøpel ned.


    Kommentar af Sindsro — 19 august 2016 @ 14:21

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