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16 august 2016

Halssnitteruddannelse ved ramadanens afslutning

Every year, on Eid al-Adha, Muslims slice the throats of animals and let them slowly bleed out in an agonizing death as part of bloody ritual sacrifice.

In this video you can see a young Muslim kid practice the beheading on a stuffed animal. Fake blood is added for realism as the crowd cheers “Allahu Akbar” while the 9 year old saws off the head of the toy.

Farmers in Europe increasingly lament the disappearance of their farm animals during Muslim holidays as they are stolen by Muslims during night heists, often to be used in illegal animal cruelty acts.

Obviously, Muslims rank higher on the liberal Left oppression hierarchy than animals, so there is no outcry from animal rights activists as this is obviously just “part of their enriching culture”.

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