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30 juni 2016

Phelim McAleer: Clinton Emails On Film – Bryan Pagliano’s deposition

Filed under: Evidens, Hillary Clinton, Historie, Jura, Politik, USA/Canada — Hodja @ 13:36

To support making of the videos go to http://www.ClintonEmailsOnFilm.com.

Klippet er baseret på udskriften fra høringen:

Mere om Phelim McAleer

The State Department aide who set up Hillary Clinton’s private server inside her home invoked his Fifth Amendment right ‘more than 125 times’ in a case involving the email system.

Pagliano wouldn’t even answer questions about his resume as he gave court-ordered testimony on Wednesday in the case, brought by conservative non-profit Judicial Watch, the group said.

The lawsuit seeks to determine whether Clinton and her aides intentionally set up the system to keep their communications outside the reach of the government so they were not made public pursuant to Federal Information Act requests.

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