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27 juni 2016

Camerons plan: Ødelægge mulighederne for vinderne af afstemningen

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What Cameron will be hoping now is that his personal referendum disaster may turn into a Pyrrhic victory for his enemies.

He’ll want Boris Johnson to lose the fight to become Prime Minister; he’ll want a Remain candidate to win instead – someone like Teresa May – and perhaps, ideally, sabotage the EU negotiations so that we end up with some sort of grubby compromise whereby we might as well have Remained in the EU for all the difference it makes. He’ll want, in other words, what the majority of British people demonstrably don’t want. Vengeance before country.

I was never much of a fan of Cameron while he was Prime Minister. His capacity to disappoint was almost limitless.

His final act – resigning in a fluster in order to poison the wells and salt the fields for the side that democratically defeated him – is, I fear, entirely typical of the man.

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