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17 juni 2016

Thüringens parlament: Socialdemokrat spiller islamisk musik for at latterliggøre AfD

In Thuringia’s state parliament a representative of the Social Democrats played Muslim religious singings as AfD politician Björn Höcke’s approached the podium, apparently to ridicule him.

Höcke was to hold a speech about the dangers of religious extremism in Germany and Europe and how young Muslims are radicalized in German Mosques funded by foreign Arab nations.

He warned how terror attacks were only a matter of time – people laughed instead.

This happened in 2015, before the Paris and Belgium massacres that left over 160 dead and hundreds injured. Social Democrat Matthias Hey, who insists it was an “accident”, might have changed his opinion on how funny this was by now.

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  1. Ja hahaha det var sjovt! Og hvad musik vil du spille når Islam får magt i dit land, og skære halsen over dig?


    Kommentar af Dave — 18 juni 2016 @ 10:57

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