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14 juni 2016

Trump Getting 26% Of Black Vote – More Than Any Republican Since 1960

Filed under: Clinton, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Politik, USA/Canada — Hodja @ 12:22

A new Big Data survey is out and it shows Donald Trump with the support of 26% of the black population.

The study by CulturIntel is based on millions of data points using a proprietary methodology that has proven highly accurate.  Until this landmark survey there was plenty of anecdotal evidence that Trump had more traction in the black community than any Republican in decades, but it was just that – anecdotal.

Superstar Azaelia Banks endorsed Trump, as did athletes like Mike Tyson, Terrell Owens, and Herschel Walker.  Of course we know the Stump For Trump girls, Diamond and Silk, love The Donald.  But now we have a major study based on a huge amount of data.

Trump har også stigende tilslutning blandt latinoer.

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