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26 maj 2016

Milo Yiannopoulos, DePaul University, and the Heckler’s Veto (David Wood)

Why this old 30-second TV clip of Hillary means “Trump’s going to win”

Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media: No Republican has had the guts to take on the Clintons before.

But with his new campaign ad, in just twenty seconds, Trump ended the twenty-year media embargo on this major story.

Islamvasion 2016: 5.600 over Middelhavet på 2 dage

PEGIDA: Ex-muslim Mohammed Cross – Rotherham 4th June 2016

Bryssel: Venstrefascist slår politichef ned med sten -er nu hårdt såret på hospital

Løgnepressen udviser ingen interesse.

Nigel Farage om “Operation Black Vote.”

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UKIP leader Nigel Farage gives his thoughts on a power campaign by Operation Black Vote to get people to register to vote, many seeing the poster as a stereotype and or racist.

Amerikansk professor forsvarer ISIS’s afhugning af hænder

On Tuesday on the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL, the university’s Muslim Student Association’s hosted a so-called Islamophobia panel discussion, which was attended by the United West.

FAU Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Associate Professor Bassem Al Halabi was included on the panel of these distinguished experts and he made the incredible statement about the case to be made for Sharia Law and it’s provisions of capital punishment, including the cutting off of hands.

‘“Where there is no Sharia, Islamic Sharia, they die in dozens and hundreds every day because of organized crime. People kill people, other people or steal pizza for $10 and so – so when Islamic Shariah is saying about capital punishment – so even though it sounds like it is severe but if that is the solution to prevent any crimes, then it still has a lot of rules and regulations. I will just mention one and stop here, which is let’s say cutting off the hands of a person if they steal. It sounds very severe. It sounds very barbaric, I know. But if takes one or two people to have their hands cut off, and then there’s no more stealing and there’s no more stealing in the whole nation – that’s a much better resolution than having hundreds of people die every day.”

Kun i den muslimske verden …

Saudiarabisk mand skyder mandlig læge, der assisterede ved hans kones fødsel !

Taknemlighed har åbenbart en anden betydning i SaudiBarbarien

Saudisk tak

Muslimsk logik for viderekomne:

Selvfølgelig skulle konen og barnet hellere have omkommet ved fødslen end at en mandlig læge skulle hjælpe …

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse mere

Amerikansk besked til ayatollaerne og andre terrorister …

Bare fordi I har mødt Obama & Co, har I IKKE mødt det rigtige USA

Her er et eksempel på en sådan amerikaner. Han og hans kone blev overfaldet i deres hjem af to våbenbærende forbrydere, der truede med at dræbe dem.
Det lykkedes ham at komme til et af hans egne (gemte) våben, såre den ene forbryder og skræmme den anden væk:

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse hele historien

EUSSR wows To Use New Powers To Block All Elected ‘Far Right’ Populists From Power

Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, promised to exclude Norbert Hofer, the leader of Austria’s Freedom Party (FPÖ), from all EU decision-making if elected ahead of yesterday’s presidential vote.

“There will be no debate or dialogue with the far-right,” the liberal bureaucrat told AFP.

The Commission can now trigger a “rule of law mechanism” (Article 7 TEU) against nations it perceives as deviating from “the common constitutional traditions of all Member States.” Ultimately, “far-reaching sanctions” can be exerted, and a country can be stripped of all voting rights in the EU and have funding blocked.

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