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18 december 2015


Trump’s ‘Nazi’ Rally: 5 Times the Media Was Caught Lying About GOP Crowds

There is no level to which our corrupt political media won’t stoop to destroy anyone who is a threat to the Democrat Party. This includes outright lying about rank-and-file civilians — everyday people who attend various political events.  I’m not talking about biased reporting here. I am talking about the political media being caught red-handed straight-up lying.

Smearing Republican events as Klan rallies is a classic left-wing tactic. The media’s goal is obvious: to make right-of-center types fit the media’s desired caricature. With Trump on the ascendancy and refusing to play by the media’s rules, this Playbook has returned.

As Breitbart News reports earlier this week, the DC Media is either directly or indirectly collaborating with Black Lives Matter protesters to disrupt Trump’s campaign events. In order to portray Trump as Hitler and his supporters as Nazis, a deal between the media and leftwing activists has been reached: You disrupt the events and we’ll cover the melee in a way that damages Trump politically.

Læs mere på Breitbart om Løgnepressens metoder. Historierne ender meget nemt også i danske løgnemdier.

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