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8 december 2015

Du bliver knaldet hvis du går med lommekniv

Report: “up to a million firearms” have reached Europe through Germany alone


Udo Ulfkotte rapporterer:

Amazed, I have heard confirmation from credible, contemporary witnesses: weapons and drugs are being smuggled in the waves of refugees.

This is obvious to the security officers in all the countries along the route of the asylum tsunami (emphasis on a final destination in Germany), but no one dares to inspect the immigrants, because politicians would see that as “provocation” which would have incalculable consequences.

It is clear that an unidentifiable portion of the “refugees” are traveling toward Germany armed and/or are transporting munitions. Moreover — in regard to “refugees,” it is also independently clear that weapons smugglers have been using the open borders risk-free for their business. The security forces on the German border estimate that up to a million firearms have reached Germany by this means in recent months.

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