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9 februar 2015

Pædofili: Muslimske bander kan have misbrugt op mod 1 million mindreårige seksuelt i UK

There could be up to a million victims of child sexual exploitation in the UK, it is feared.

Rotherham’s Labour MP Sarah Champion describes it as a “national disaster” and is demanding a taskforce to fight the “horror.”

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror the shaken MP has told how she ‘nearly lost her mind’ after victims turned to her for help – unable to trust the police or local council.

She is currently getting an average of 10 victims a week coming to her for help.

Fighting back tears she told how she feared having a nervous breakdown worried about failing the “amazing women” and her horror after finding out a manual for grooming existed for paedophiles.

Verdens største svindelnummer – “Klimaforskerne” fusker med temperaturmålingerne

The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever

New data shows that the “vanishing” of polar ice is not the result of runaway global warming.

Two weeks ago, under the headline “How we are being tricked by flawed data on global warming”, I wrote about Paul Homewood, who, on his Notalotofpeopleknowthat blog, had checked the published temperature graphs for three weather stations in Paraguay against the temperatures that had originally been recorded. In each instance, the actual trend of 60 years of data had been dramatically reversed, so that a cooling trend was changed to one that showed a marked warming.

This was only the latest of many examples of a practice long recognised by expert observers around the world – one that raises an ever larger question mark over the entire official surface-temperature record.

Mere på Telegraph

Socialkammeratlig boligfusker reddes af kammeraterne

S: Ingen konsekvenser for Kollerup

Socialdemokraternes Simon Kollerup slipper formentlig med en venskabelig samtale i partiet i kølvandet på sin boligsag. Gruppeformand Leif Lahn Jensen har i hvert fald ingen planer om at sagen skal få konsekvenser internt.


James Woods om ISIS

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Fra Curmudgeonly&Skeptical

Ur a Cartoonist

#JeSuisCharlie Song “Ur a Cartoonist” ~ Parody of Meghan Trainor “Lips Are Movin'” ~ Rucka Rucka Ali

PK kuk kuk i Vancouver: Byrådet vil forbyde kunstigt lys udendørs

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I Schweiz: For meget demokrati!

In der Schweiz herrscht zu viel Demokratie

Die Schweiz kämpft mit dem starken Franken. Doch es plagt sie ein noch fundamentaleres Problem: Die Zahl der Volksentscheide steigt und die Wünsche des Volkes werden immer extremer.

Volksentscheide = Folkeafstemninger.

Mon ikke det er på tide, at den schweiziske elite anskaffer sig et nyt og mere bovlamt folk?

Politimangel i Tyskland – Leipzig forbyder LEGIDA demonstration i aften

Um 14.27 Uhr am Samstag versendete Stadtsprecher Matthias Hasberg folgende E-Mail an die Medien:

„Die polizeiliche Absicherung des angemeldeten Aufzugs von Legida am kommenden Montag, 9.2.2015, ist nach Aussage des sächsischen Innenministeriums nicht zu gewährleisten. Die notwendigen Polizeikräfte könnten in Leipzig nicht zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Die Stadt Leipzig als Versammlungsbehörde ist daher gezwungen, die für Montag angemeldete Legida-Demonstration aus Sicherheitsgründen zu untersagen.“


Samtidig tillader man flere steder moddemonstrationer – inklusive i Leipzig. I Kassel havde byrådet forbudt en moddemonstration mod KAGIDA, dette forbud har den Hessiske Forvaltningsdomstol underkendt, således at venstrefascister kan demonstrere direkte i nærheden af KAGIDA. Det hele passer godt med, at den tyske stat ønsker konfrontationer, for at skræmme ‘almindelige’ mennesker væk fra PEGIDA demonstrationerne.

Følg med på PI.

ISIS henretter trold

ISIS behead man… for WITCHCRAFT: Barbaric execution for ‘invoking magic’  plunges Middle East further into the Dark Ages


  • Elderly man is seen being brutally executed for ‘practicing witchcraft’
  • Militants took him to area outside city of Raqqa to carry out beheading 
  • Crowd gathered to watch the man being killed by masked executioners
  • Comes days after ISIS threw man off seven-storey building in Raqqa after he was accused of having a ‘homosexual aff

Er det uislamisk at brænde fanger?

On January 3, 2015, the Islamic State (ISIS) set fire to Jordanian pilot Muath Safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh.

ISIS released a video of the execution a month later. Since al-Kasasbeh was already dead when ISIS was negotiating his release, the negotiations were a sham.

Following the execution, many politicians, reporters, and Muslim spokesmen have condemned ISIS for burning a captive to death. According to Ibn Abbas, Muhammad at some point ordered his followers not to put people to death by burning them:

Sahih al-Bukhari 6922—Some Zanadiqa (atheists) were brought to Ali; and he burnt them. The news of this event reached Ibn Abbas who said, “If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah’s Apostle forbade it, saying, ‘Do not punish anybody with Allah’s punishment (fire).’ I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah’s Apostle, ‘Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.’”

We know from Muslim sources, however, that Muhammad, Abu Bakr, and Ali all punished people with fire. So how can we make sense of this?

In this video, David Wood discusses what Islam teaches about burning captives.

Douglas Murray – Aftermath of Charlie Hebdo

Hvis man ikke vil indse hvad problemet er – så kan man heller ikke løse det.

The Flipside Interviews Ex-Muslim on his superhero Pigman & his War on Islam: “Guilty until proven muslim.”

Michael Loftus interviews ex-Muslim cartoonist Bosch Fawstin on The Infidel, Pigman, Islam and the comic book industry.

The Infidel 3 Cover PM edit small