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17 december 2014

Asylansøgere opgraderer: tager privatjet Beirut-Malmø…

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The Socialists should be screaming: It is obviously only the people who can afford paying the human traffickers who make it to our countries, while the poor are left to protect themselves and try to rebuild their countries. And the feminists should be joining the choir, since it is almost only men who are allowed to travel to safety, while their women are left to protect themselves, try to rebuild their countries and survive in cultures where women are often not even allowed to work…

Here is what I think: the West should spend its yearly 100+ billion dollar aid to third world countries on paying those countries for having fewer children (thus limiting over-population) and accommodate the world’s Muslim refugees and our deported supporters of jihad.


The Swedish immigration policy just became a parody of itself. On Monday evening a private jet landed carrying ten passengers who claim that they are asylum seekers. …

Læs det hele her.

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  1. Da den Svenske regering er fuld af lort, får de vel en takketale fordi de valgte Sverige og en stor økonomisk bonus oveni


    Kommentar af Ervin Peters — 18 december 2014 @ 14:59

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