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29 oktober 2014

Spinning a Terrorist Into a Victim – 5 afsnit om Rasmieh Odeh

It’s a government conspiracy. It’s the Israeli lobby.

Our 5-part series on Rasmieh Odeh’s pending immigration fraud trial and the campaign to turn her into a victim concludes by showing that, in order to win public support, her advocates try to make her case about anything but the fact that Odeh lied about her conviction in a Jerusalem terrorist attack that claimed two lives.

Hillary Clinton bekender kulør !

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“Don’t Let Anybody Tell You It’s Corporations and Businesses That Create Jobs”

Hillary Clinton fejrede sin 67 års fødselsdag med at afsløre sig som socialist.

Når ikke der er virksomhederne, der skaber jobs, så må det jo være … staten .

Karl Marx ville have været helt enig

Ezra Levant – UKIP: 1,400 reasons not to trust Labour (Rotherham)