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9 september 2013

Rekordstigning i ismasserne på Nordpolen

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There has been a 60 per cent increase in the amount of ocean covered with ice compared to this time last year, they equivalent of almost a million square miles.

In a rebound from 2012’s record low an unbroken ice sheet more than half the size of Europe already stretches from the Canadian islands to Russia’s northern shores, days before the annual re-freeze is even set to begin. Despite the original forecasts, major climate research centres now accept that there has been a “pause” in global warming since 1997. The changing predictions have led to the UN’s climate change’s body holding a crisis meeting, and the the IPCC is due to report on the situation in October. A pre-summit meeting will be held later this month. But the leaked documents are said to show that the governments who fund the IPCC are demanding 1,500 changes to the Fifth Assessment Report – a three-volume study issued every six or seven years – as they claim its current draft does not properly explain the pause.

Mere på Telegraph

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  1. Al Gore, der har indtægter i millionklassen for kampen om indføringen af hedebølger world wide, forbereder nu retssager mod vejrguderne. De tager levebrødet fra ham, næsten inden han får det i munden. Dette passer sig ikke for guder – det er næsten ugudeligt.


    Kommentar af Poul Berg — 9 september 2013 @ 09:46

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