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9 juli 2013

Latma TV løber tør for penge

Latma Issues Call for Help

Latma, the nationalist weekly video satire show, has run out of funds and will go offline at the end of the month, unless new donations make it possible to keep on producing the show.
Latma’s chief screenwriter, Tal Gilad, published a Facebook status Sunday in which he denied the rumors that Channel 1 television is about to sign a contract with the show. “The bad guys are already celebrating,” he wrote. The channel has been negotiating with Latma for two years, he said, but the negotiations are not serious.

“The ravens on the left can already smell the zero hour,” Gilad added. “After four years in which we provided Zionist, courageous, Israeli satire – against the current, against all of the leftist incitement that had already become something everyone sat back and accepted, because they convinced everyone that ‘this is how satire is.’ Four year in which we cut them down. Four years in which the ears of [Peace Now’s] Yariv Oppenheimer turned red with anger,  when they discovered that they were not immune to criticism and biting satire.”

Mere på Arutz Sheva

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