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16 maj 2013

Martin Krasnik gjorde nar af at Lars Hedegaard ikke havde nogen mening om Hussein Obamas fødselsattest

American Thinker resumerer sagen og leverer et nyt bevis på at fødselsattesten er et falsum:

That this digital document is a forgery has been proved beyond question.  Various experts have proved its fakery on different levels:

  • Photoshop author and instructor Mara Zebest (along with other researchers) has shown how this digital fake was constructed in Photoshop from digital snippets of images. (My favorite: Photoshop reveals that the Alvin T. Onaka rubber-stamp image was scaled 24% and rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise before being added to the fake.)
  • Typographer Paul Irey has demonstrated that typefaces from at least three different typewriters were used in constructing this fraud.
  • The only official government investigation of this fake, by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigators, concluded that the digital Obama “birth certificate” is definitely a forgery (along with Obama’s draft card).
  • I have shown how the supposedly typed letters in the forgery fail to line up vertically, as they must in a genuine typed document, and how the mother’s signature, “Stanley Ann Dunham Obama,” was composed of three different handwritten images, each made with a different pen. (To see my research, look for “Nick Chase” in the archives by author on the American Thinker website, and the articles will pop up.)

So the conclusions of the experts are definitive: it’s a forgery.  If you have not yet recognized this truth, then you are waiting for acceptance — for a lot of people to agree with you — so you won’t be attacked as a raving lunatic should you dare to bring up the subject.

Se det sidste bevis på American Thinker. Måske skulle pistolen vende den modsatte vej?Krasnikl_Hedegaard

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  1. Alene det at Krasnik på den facon peger på Hedegaard er grotesk. Føj for helvede et fjols!


    Kommentar af Lightmann — 17 maj 2013 @ 06:41

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