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1 maj 2013

Afrika i Frankrig – eksponentialfunktionen i aktion

Fandt denne artikel på fransk: 1 homme, 4 femmes, 46 enfants

“A Bobigny, Fanta Sangaré accompagne des familles polygames dans leurs démarches, longues et ardues, de “cohabitation”. Une volte-face culturelle et matérielle.”

Google translate oversætter første afsnit:

With his four wives and 46 children, Adama (1) was a happy man. This fifties, able to recite in order the names of his descendants ruled over his suburban. Between the five rooms of the house, “life is organized as she could,” he says over the phone. First maintenance officer, he stopped working when the family allowances became enough to feed his world (2). In the village in northern Mali where he grew up, talking about his success with admiration. He wants it to continue. So he did not give any particular echo the upheaval that comes from knowing: two of his wives moved a third dream to emulate. They are engaged in a “cohabitation”, the administrative term for the output of polygamy.

Sidste afsnit lyder:

The Family Allowances Fund pays € 441.48 per month for four children under 20 years, over € 158.78 for each additional child. Or € 1,394 for 10 children, € 2,981 for 20 children, € 4,569 for 30 children, € 6,157 for 40 children. Besides any housing assistance.

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