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28 august 2012

Stor vrede blandt USA’s indianere

Indianernes stemmer er ved at glide fra Hussein Obama, efter han i islamiseringens navn er begyndt at kalde muslimer for ‘indfødte’.

Native Americans are very angry to learn that Muslims in the United States of America are being touted as “indigenous”, a complete falsehood. The fact is, American Indians are the indigenous people of North America, as Hawai’ians are to Hawai’i and the Aborigine to Australia. Organizations like BIMA marginalize native Americans in favor of Muslims, and Indians are not pleased. Speaking with many tribal friends and associates here in northeast Oklahoma, it is clear that the support Obama received from native American Democrats in 2008 is waning. They can see that the hope and change Obama promised four years ago was not what anyone expected. Especially not these people, with their deep Christian beliefs and rolls filled with veterans of foreign wars.

Twenty-thousand Islamists and their sympathizers are expected to attend the opening of the Democratic National Convention on August 31 to focus on Islam with Jumah[sic], the Friday prayer, to draw in Muslims to the DNC. The important prayer and two days of events are being coordinated by the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs (BIMA), a national Muslim non-profit claiming that the event is non-political. Being a part of the actual convention makes it pretty hard to claim that it isn’t a political event.

The initials BIMA quickly caught my attention because I’m keyed in to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the agency that my husband works closely with in his capacity as Director of Security for an Indian casino. I was appalled when I went to the BIMA website and saw the words “Indigenous Muslim.” THERE’S NO SUCH THING IN THE UNITED STATES! Imagine my horror when I read their mission statement:
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  1. Obama inviterer 20.000 muslimer med til Demokraternes konvent: http://www.barenakedislam.com/2012/08/22/is-barack-hussein-obama-finally-planning-to-out-himself-as-a-muslim-at-the-dnc-convention/


    Kommentar af Hodja — 28 august 2012 @ 13:09

  2. Giv Obama en tomahawk i nakken.
    Han ser ikke ud til at være amerikaner, og han kan ikke engang tænke amerikansk.



    Kommentar af falkeøje — 28 august 2012 @ 16:47

  3. Osama Al-Husseini Jahiliyya bør være hans navn fremover!


    Kommentar af anonym — 29 august 2012 @ 06:54

  4. Nåe nu USA indfødte er oppe så minder jeg lige om den udemærkede http://www.badeagle.com/

    Der er lige nu en glimrende post på forsiden om filmfestivallen i Venedig.

    “Hindu Mira Nair’s film, “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” (2013) opened the Venice Film Festival (the oldest film festival in the world, on its 80th stint–according to REUTERS’ Mike Collett-White, but it’s actually the 69th) on Wednesday, August 29, 2012. The film is not immensely popular because of its very limited audience appeal–namely those Muslims in America who are trying to live as Americans, but who encounter the natural prejudice and suspicion that the “religion of peace” creates as it wreaks havoc in the free world.”

    “And the film naturally features white American frosted blonde female Kate Hudson in the swarthy Asian Muslims. That’s the only “bridge” that really works–at least temporarily. Many are the white women in the West who have lived to regret their horrible relationships with Muslim men. (Shall we tally the beatings, child kidnappings, rapes, and murders?)”

    “I don’t have sympathy. I have disapproval. I am willing to see correction–of the foreigner, not the native. There is no purpose but confusion, dilution, and weakening of the society by the forced injection of foreign, antithetical values into it.

    I am a nationalist, a patriot, and indeed a native. I know of no other meaningful response to invasion.

    I’ve been through it once. I respectfully decline any second offer. “


    Kommentar af Hans Und — 31 august 2012 @ 09:13

  5. http://www.badeagle.com/


    Kommentar af Hans Und — 31 august 2012 @ 09:15

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