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10 juli 2012

Chardonnay druen kommer egentlig fra Israel

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Jeg fik tilsendt denne her interessante historie . Jeg vidste det ikke ūüôā

I bet you didn’t know this ! The Chardonnay is a wine that is produced from white grapes. Traditionally, it is common to think that the Chardonnay species originated from the Burgundy wine region in France. Historical research shows that the name of this white wine is from vines in the Jerusalem hills, not only because of the vines which produced the wine grows mainly in limestone and clay soil, like in the Jerusalem region, but because of the source of the real name of the wine “Chardonnay”. It turns out that the source of this name of white wine is from the Hebrew language and not from the French. The first to bring the white wine to France were the Crusaders who brought back home with them the wine whose original name in French was “Porte de dieu” which means in English “gate of God” which is a translation from the Hebrew name “sha’ar-adonay”, which symbolizes that they were from the holy city of Jerusalem, that is surrounded by gates towards God. When asking a French man to pronounce the name of the wine in Hebrew (“Sha’ar-adonay”), he actually pronounces it as “Char-donnay”

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