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12 juni 2012

Falklandsøernes befolkning vil afgøre sin egen fremtid

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The Falkland Islands are to hold a referendum on their “political status” in a bid to end the continuing dispute with Argentina over their sovereignty.

The vote will be held in 2013, the Falklands government said.

The announcement comes amid increasing tensions between Britain and Argentina over the disputed territory, which the South American country calls Las Malvinas.

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said: “The British Government has been consistent in its view that the future of the Falklands can only be determined by the people who live there.

“So the Prime Minister and I support this initiative to demonstrate – without doubt – the definitive view of the Falkland Islands people.
In a region that rightly prizes democracy and human rights, it is entirely appropriate that the Islanders can express this fundamental right. The principle of self-determination is a key part of the United Nations charter.The voice of the Falkland Islands people should be heard. I hope very much that Argentina, and indeed the whole of the international community, joins the UK in listening carefully to what they have to say.”

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  1. Der er vist ingen tvivl om udfaldet.

    I følge FBI`s Factbook ( jeg ved godt at man ikke skal stole for meget på den ) tjener en beboer på Falklands øerne ca. 20.000$ mere end en dem hjemme i England/UK!


    Kommentar af Kobol — 13 juni 2012 @ 01:10

  2. Jeg er i et virkeligt dilemma: Skønt jeg godt kan forstå det engelske standpunkt, så har jeg også forståelse for det argentinske. Og det samme gælder for hvad som angår Gibraltar.


    Kommentar af Michael Laudahn — 13 juni 2012 @ 11:26

  3. The islands did have a Spanish colony on them from around the 1750s to 1811. During much of this time there was also a British colony. At one point the Spanish evicted the British and a war was only avoided when their return was permitted.

    The British left in the late 1780s and the Spanish in 1811. Both left plaques claiming sovereignty.

    These plaques are pretty worthless without a civilian population.

    By 1814/15 the Spanish Empire was claiming independence, and the United Provinces of River Plate was formed. This was made up of modern day Uruguay, Paraguay, a bit of North Chile, and Northern Argentina (importantly not Patagonia). So the nearest point of the United Provinces was over 1000miles from the islands.

    The islands remained a stopping point for vessels going round the horn or through the Magellen straits during the 1811-1828 period, but had no inhabitants…just the two historic claims.

    In 1828 a private businessman Luis Vernet requested both the British and United Provinces Governments that he be allowed to set up a business on the islands. He was permitted by both and moved a group of 30odd to the islands for fishing and farming mainly. The community was very diverse, Vernets deputy was British, there were Europeans, Africans and South Americans (Argentina didn’t exist). The names of all the community are known.

    Only in November 1832 did the United Provinces attempt to assert sovereignty by sending a 50 strong militia to the islands with a plan to set up a penal colony. The British immediately protested and dispatched the HMS Clio.

    by the time the Clio arrived, the United Provinces crew had mutineed, murdered their captain, Esteban Mestevier and raped his wife. Quite a charming bunch. The Clio arrived only two months after the Salido and the 50 strong militia were evicted without a shot being fired.

    Due to the poor living conditions the Vernet community were given the option to stay or go, 4 choose to go, twenty or so remained. Vernet himself was absent having been arrested for piracy during the so called Lexington raid by the Americans.

    So, when Argentina claim the islands were “usurped” or the “original population removed” or that the islands were ever “argentine”, they are deliberately misleading. Only twice have the British evicted anyone, once in 1832 when they evicted 50 or so mutinous murdering rapists who’d been there only 2 months, and again in 1982 when they evicted the Argentine invasionary force who’d been there only 2 months.

    Interesting, since 1833, the Argentines have invaded and colonised Patagonia, stealing the land from the genuine indigenous population through the genocidal conquest of the desert.


    Kommentar af Hodja — 31 januar 2013 @ 23:42

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