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23 december 2011

Britisk Gestapo afsløret og Tommy Robinson overfaldet

If you speak against Islam in Britain you are regarded as an enemy of the state.

Watch interview with Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defense league (EDL) interviewed by Michael Coren on the only real mainstream TV program that speaks the truth on the Islam problem.
EDL,Tommy Robinson

Ikke bekræftet andre steder: English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has just been beaten up, attacked by a Muslim gang of savages, Islamic Jihad and is now in hospital with multiple fractures. The religion of peace as work again. Tommy has said: “They were shouting Allah Akbar and Merry Christmas Tommy.” What’s going on Britain? EDL, what’s going on! Muslims Against Crusades no doubt. Tommy paid the price for Freedom of Speech.

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  1. Jeg tror desværre at det passer – det med at Tommy skulle være blive overfaldet:


    Kommentar af Jernhesten — 23 december 2011 @ 15:10

  2. En interessant kommentar fra YouTube :

    “From the NWI

    “This is straight from the horses mouth, Tommy was not done in by ethnics. He was twatted by the Luton MIGS because he’s been a very naughty boy around his local towns footy mob. He got lippy to the top boys number 2 and retribution in the form of a few slaps was dished out (and some of his birds blue eyeliner by the look of it).”

    cynicaloptimist2012 “


    Kommentar af Santor — 23 december 2011 @ 18:00

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