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15 december 2011

Når intelligens udfordrer intelligens

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Pakistan frikender abe for spionage.

Emirates: “India and Pakistan could be in for monkey diplomacy after an unsuspecting primate strayed across the border into Pakistan to be snapped up by soldiers and packed off to a British-era zoo. The monkey, who has not been given a name by his Pakistani handlers, was apparently found ambling around the desert region of Rahim Yar Khan on November 19. Paramilitary troops manning a border post spotted the animal and sent him to Bahawalpur zoo in Pakistan’s Punjab province. The case may be open and shut for the zoo, but his status is attracting a flurry of media attention. “We were given him by the Rangers. They found him strolling near their post,” the zoo’s curator Irfan Farooqi told AFP by telephone. – He added: “We don’t suspect the monkey has been deliberately sent to Pakistan. I don’t think it is a trained spy. It is a common monkey.”

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  1. Skjoldunge, hvordan fanden har du fået fat i et billede af Villy Løgnhalsens tvillingebror, du imponere mig hver dag.


    Kommentar af Fritz — 15 december 2011 @ 21:41

  2. Det var nok en god muslim 😉


    Kommentar af Bjovulf — 17 december 2011 @ 05:35

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