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7 november 2011

Serbisk by protesterer mod immigranter

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Da latteren døde i Frankrig

French politicians and France’s newspaper association were all quick to condemn the assault on the Charlie Hebdo offices and express solidarity with its staff.

French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said the “…every attack against the freedom of the press must be condemned with the greatest firmness,” while the French minister of culture, Frederic Mitterand, called the assault “intolerable.

“There is no democracy without irreverence, without parody and without satire,” said Mitterand.

But as usual after such events in France regarding Muslim terrorism, the politicians will not discuss or investigate how their country reached this point where a well-known, national publication could be burned out of its offices in its capital, like in a Third World dictatorship. To do so would only help confirm that France, once the land of the Enlightenment, is turning into a place of darkness, thanks to Islamic fanaticism. So it is best just to express nice-sounding phrases, let things settle back down to the way they were and prepare a new set of reassuring phrases for the next attack, which in France nowadays is probably never too far off.

Muslim leaders in France also condemned the firebomb attack, but the president of the French Council of the Muslim Religion (CFCM) qualified his condemnation by stating his uneasiness about the “climate of Islamophobia” in Europe. But this is unsurprising. Mentioning Islamophobia is becoming a common tactic on both sides of the Atlantic whenever Muslim radicalism comes under scrutiny. It helps deflect attention from the real wrongdoings. And while expressing strong condemnation, the CFCM president added his organization “also vigorously deplored the magazine’s tone of caricature in regard to Islam and its prophet…,” indirectly indicating Charlie Hebdo may have itself to blame for the night assault.

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Det ægyptiske militær foretager vilkårlige arrestationer af kristne for Maspero massakren

Egypt’s Military Prosecutor decided on November 3 to continue the detention of 34 Coptic Christians for another 15 days, pending investigations on charges of inciting violence, carrying arms and insulting the armed forces during the October 9 Maspero Massacre, which claimed the lives of 27 Christians and injured 329.

According to defense lawyers, most of the detainees were arrested after October 9, and some were not even at the Maspero protest and were just collected from the streets for “being a Christian.” Three of them were teens under 16 years old.

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Organhøstere skærer organer ud af levende afrikanske flygtninge

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Human Rights Groups have produced evidence that bodies of African refugees have been found in the desert with organs missing.

Apparently, African refugees from Ethiopia and Sudan are having their organs stolen in the Sinai Desert by the same people who are taking the refugees across the border to Israel.

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Muslim Offense League demonstrerer mod EDL Maidenhead UK 6. november 2011

The Taliban replaced their solid white flag with a white flag inscribed with the shahada in black as they took power in Afghanistan in 1997.

Political Islamism and Islamic terrorism has been using black flags inscribed with the shahada in white since ca. 2001.

During the 2000s, it became popular in Islamist jargon to refer to the black flag as al-raya and the white flag as al-liwa’, after the terms of the black and white flags flown by Muhammad according to the hadith. The white flag is sometimes identified as the “flag of the Caliphate” while the black one is dubbed the “flag of Jihad”.[3]

(Shahadah, a declaration of faith: lā ilāha illā-llāh, wa muħammadan rasūlu-llāh in Arabic, translation “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet”.)

Moskva 6. november 2011

US veterans to tour Israel on Harley bikes

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Den anti-semitiske ‘Occupy’ bevægelse – her Melbourne

Occupy Melbourne Thugs Rough Up Elderly Jewish Man

Venstreorienteret valgsvindel i USA